Simple Birthday Wishes

Sweet, Short and simple happy birthday wishes

Keep it simple and sweet with our simple birthday wishes here at Styiens. Each one of our simple happy birthday messages has been thoughtfully written by our expert staff, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to their recipient. Use our intuitive category tags to easily find the perfect birthday wish for your needs and filter by tone, style, and length. You can use our happy birthday messages as they are, or incorporate them into a more personalized happy birthday wish. However you choose to use them, our simple happy birthday messages are sure to bring happiness and smiles to their recipient on their special day.

Short Birthday Wishes and Messages​

  • I hear today is your birthday. Another year older is another year wiser my dear friend.
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Hope it’s a good one.
  • Happy birthday beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness.
  • Birthdays are special days that allow us to celebrate the day you came into our lives.
  • On this day, your birthday, I hope that each and every one of your wishes come true.
  • I hope your day is full of fun and celebration. Happy birthday to you my dear!
  • It’s your birthday! Let us celebrate joyfully another wonderful year of your life.
  • Sending you warm birthday wishes and a big warm hug on this very special day.
  • Birthdays are a time to celebrate so kick back and enjoy your wonderful day.
  • Although I am not there to celebrate your birthday, you are in my thoughts.
  • It’s celebration time! I hope you are having the time of your life as you celebrate your birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you! Let’s break out the cake, and candles…and don’t forget the fire extinguisher!
  • Another year older is a reason to celebrate. You are that much closer to retirement dear friend.
  • When I heard it was your birthday I decided to send you something special but I wasn’t allowed to mail it myself.
  • Although I cannot be with you on your birthday, know that you are in my thoughts today and every day.
  • I hope all of your hopes and dreams come true on this very special day. Happy birthday to you!
  • It’s your birthday! I hope it is filled with happiness and plenty of love.
  • Your birthday allows us to celebrate having you in our lives. Happy Birthday.
  • I hope you know how much joy your presence brings. Happy birthday my dear friend.
  • I wanted to send you something awesome for your birthday but nothing is as awesome as the gift of you.
  • Celebrate, laugh, dance, and cheer because your birthday only comes once a year.
  • Although I am far away, you are in my heart today on your very special birthday.
  • Your birthday brings with it a special glow. The glow of so many candles, so hurry and blow them out!
  • I hope your birthday brings you everything you have ever wished for.
  • I hate to have to miss your birthday but know that I am thinking of you from afar.
  • I come with a basketful of heartfelt birthday wishes to enliven your day and share a show I care about. Happy Birthday.
  • Today marks a fresh beginning for you; new life to explore, exploit and conquer; may you be lifted to victory. Happy Birthday
  • You are made special. I count your blessings and the size of your pursuit, the might of your courage and the beauty of your new life. Happy Birthday
  • As you add a new year to your life, behind you are your past, setbacks, and mistakes; happy birthday for a new life of success, favours and greatness.
  • Happy birthday as you put your past behind you and look forward to a fresh start in life. Wishing you more grace on your birthday.
    Happy birthday to the most skilled, intelligent and charming boss.
  • A new year is a fresh turnaround for greatness, may you find fulfilment as you celebrate your new year
  • I offer you bouquets of royal flowers with scents of love and devotion. Happy birthday my love.
  • I wish you continuous dreaming, planning and achieving your biggest dreams; may you find fulfilment in your endeavour. Happy Birthday.
  • As you mark a new day, I wish you find reasons to see the beauty of life, love, even more, and be thankful and happy at all times.
  • Your birthday is a moment to spread your love for all. May you too find the grace of fulfilment and wisdom.
  • Words can never quantify my joy for celebrating with you on your birthday, may this celebration bring you happiness and joy.
  • Your birthday is fresh remembrance of the strength of our friendship. You deserve the fulfilment of all your dreams. Happy Birthday.
    I wish you a wonderful, joyful and fun-filled happy birthday.
  • As we commemorate your birth into this world, may your life be filled with laughter, love, joy and peace.
  • I pray that your dreams turn into reality and your wishes become horses so that you can ride into a new future of fulfilling stardom.
  • May your marking of this day you were born to bring you greater value and share of all that makes you happy.
  • Celebration of your birthday is a celebration of life, love and laughter. Happy Birthday.
  • You are one of the people who bring beautiful meaning into other’s life, rather than once a year, we should celebrate you every day. Happy birthday. 
  • A true friend knows your past, acknowledges your faults and the differences but believes in the power of the future and the beauty of dreams. Happy birthday, darling.
  • I wish you a lovely celebration of your birthday and the best of all your desires
simple birthday wishes
simple and sweet birthday wishes

Best Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes

  • As we mark your birthday, I wish you a perfect dream comes through, true love and fulfilment in your love life.
  • Celebrate life and dance away your sorrows; laugh and cheer for the beauty of life is full of happiness. Happy Birthday.
  • May your celebration of a new life bring you the new special glow of life.
  • Before you break the cake and blow out the candles, keep closer the fire extinguisher.
  • I’m so happy to share this remarkable day of your life with you. I wish you the best in a new life.
  • I thank God for the gift of you and the gift of this day we celebrate your love, life, joy, achievements and existence. Happy Birthday.
  • May this day be filled with lots of wonderful memories, coloured with sparkles of love, the glow of smiles and warmth of friendship.
  • On this special day, may your life be renewed with crackles of laughter and great feelings of affection; I wish you the best of your dreams.
  • As I remember even strongly the memories we shared in the past, today gives a new meaning to our friendship. May you find satisfaction in all your endeavour.
  • May your birthday be filled with graces, blessings and favours of the Lord and may your laughter never cease.
  • I count myself lucky to have you as a friend and as we celebrate this day in your honour, I bless not just the day you were born but also your future. Happy birthday.
  • Your life is full of crazy colours and the joy of loving friends; Happy birthday for the opportunity to celebrate not just you but our friendship.
  • You are more priceless than an amazing diamond, strong, faithful than a devout Christians and blessed like a favoured child. Happy Birthday.
  • This day is a perfect opportunity to bring to life the memories of love and laughter; happy birthday and may this day fill your life with joyful pleasure.
  • This birthday wish is to say to you, that I care and I’m grateful for a new day in your life. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday dear friend; you are more priceless than the best jewels; may you be stronger, happier, wiser and healthier in life.
  • You can only enjoy the ecstasy of a young age a few times; grey hair is fast coming. Plunge yourself at the moment’s joy. Happy birthday, dear.
  • On the birthday of one so dear to my heart, I wish you the joy and happiness your mind can fathom, the blessings of a lifetime, and the love your heart can embrace.
  • Congratulations on this special day. Your life has had a positive impact. May you live to celebrate many years with great health, love, laughter, and joy.
  • As you celebrate another milestone in your life, receive the inspiration for greatness, creativity for exploits, courage to dare and grace to excel. Happy birthday, darling.
  • A gentle soul of pleasing personality, spreading love and laughter where he touches, may your soul be filled with everlasting laughter and happiness.
  • Happy birthday to you! With another candle on the cake, remember that age is just a number. Don’t count the candles, but see the light they shine.
  • Your friendship is like a warm hug, giving comfort and happiness to everyone you touch. May your birthday be as special as you are!
  • It’s your birthday! No mountain is too high, no river too wide, no dream is too big. This year go out and grab your goals with both hands.
  • You’re another year older! Your birthday is a perfect occasion to pause, reflect and promise yourself another great year full of adventure. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday. This year, you’ll achieve what you deserve and deserve the best in every way! Remember, your success depends on you.
  • Happy Birthday! You’re another year older, but you will always stay young at heart. Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again, so treasure this moment!
  • I wish you a year that is jam-packed with joy and happiness. You were born to do great things! Have an amazing birthday!
  • May you always follow your unique path when walking through this life’s journey. You’re an inspiration, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!
  • Happy birthday! May your birthday be blessed with the warmth of your loved ones surrounding you and filled with love and laughter.
  • Happy Birthday! I pray for all your birthday wishes to come true and for a wonderful year ahead for you.
  • Enjoy your special day to the fullest. Make every day of this year count! Happy Birthday!
  • Sending you wishes for the happiest of birthdays. May all of your wishes come true on this special day!
  • I hope your birthday is filled with hope, joy, and many new beginnings. You are loved today and always!
  • May your birthday be filled with contentment. May you find the lightness to joyfully celebrate your life today and always. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Wishing you a year of trust, success, and bravery – may God bless you with faith and courage. Enjoy your special day!
short birthday wishes
sweet birthday wishes
Simple Birthday Wishes for a Friend
  • May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Have a great day!
  • Warmest wishes for a very happy birthday.
  • Many happy returns to you on your birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake!
  • Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead!
  • I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows and love and laughter! Sending many good wishes to you on your special day.
  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day today, and the year ahead is full of many blessings.
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday! May all your dreams come true.
  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is full of fun and adventure.
  • Congratulations on your birthday! Wishing you a truly fabulous day.
  • Happy Birthday! Wishing you a beautiful day and many blessings for the year ahead.
  • Congratulations on your birthday! Sending you our love and good wishes.
  • Happy Birthday to a great buddy! I hope you have a good one.
  • Happy birthday to a dear friend! Here’s a year of happiness, love, and new experiences.
  • Happy birthday to my best friend. You are simply incredible!
  • You, my friend, seriously deserve some cake! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to an amazing friend! Let’s make today awesome!
  • Happy Birthday, friend! Hope you enjoy a party and a huge slice of cake today.
  • Happy Birthday to my awesome friend! Here’s to another year of friendship.
  • Happy Birthday, my fantastic friend! You’re simply the best.
  • Happy Birthday to an extraordinary person and friend! Here’s to another great year.
  • Happy Birthday to my dearest friend! May this birthday be one to remember.
  • Happy Birthday! I can’t imagine my life without your special friendship.
  • Your friendship means the world to me. I can’t imagine life without the memories we share!
  • Happy Birthday Your friendship means the world to me!
  • Happy birthday to my special friend, I hope you have a wonderful day and year to come!
  • Hoping that your day is as wonderful as you are! Happy Birthday, my friend!

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