Birthday Wishes for Cousin

 When it’s your birthday and you want to share with your friends, family and loved ones that you are the best, then let us do the work. Sometimes a cousin may be closer to you than a sibling. You always wish all the best for this person. The excess of tender feelings doesn’t always allow us to formulate a beautiful birthday greeting. Thanks to a wide choice of pictures and e-cards with nice images, you will be able to pick up such greetings which will show your warm relationship with the birthday girl. No cousin will remain indifferent, having received such a greeting on her birthday. She will be definitely happy!

This is an extensive collection of birthday wishes for all occasions. In general, when someone is celebrating his or her birthday, we usually show them how much we love them with some kind of gift. If it’s your cousin who’s turning the big 2-1-year-old, you can express your love to him with a nice card. Here are some birthday wishes for your cousin: –

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Happy Birthday Messages For Cousin

  • Happy birthday to one of my favourite cousins! I couldn’t have imagined my life without you! –
  • Happy Birthday, Cousin! I hope the next year brings you a lot of happiness, love and success. –
  • My cuz! I wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful new year! I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend at the party (and then blow off said party after two hours)!
  • Cousin, I know that every year when you get older, it seems like time goes by faster and faster. You just graduated from high school last month already?! Time flies when you’re having fun. Wishing you a great summer and many more birthdays to come! Love ya!
  • If you know him/her closely, his/her personality then wishes him/her accordingly.
  • If you do not know him/her closely, then choose a general wish that will not hurt her/his feelings.
  • Generally, there are two types of birthday wishes for a cousin. Formal Birthday wishes and funny birthday wishes. Down here, we discuss both wishes and their choices according to your cousin’s personality.
  • At the end, you can find happy birthday cousin images with beautiful messages. Hope you will love it. And get a good response from you cuz. 
  • A cute and precious cousin is plus one, I pray that you should find peace in everything you are doing. Happy birthday.
  • I beseech the Lord to achieve your success for you as you open another chapter in your life.
  • The timeline of your happiness and success will continue to remain the same until you find yourself smiling. Happy birthday.
  • As you open a new folder in your life, I ask the Lord to decorate it with lots of fortunes and treasures. Happy birthday.
  • You are a special star and as such I love you beyond the sky; want to be with you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday.
  • May the most beautiful Lord bless you with His beauty and give you the wisdom to appreciate in life. Happy birthday.
  • As special as you are, may you find outstanding things that will amaze you forever; happy birthday.
  • It is not easy to be where we are today so it calls for great celebration from your angle. Happy birthday, cousin.
  • Your cousin’s sister may be celebrating her birthday today.
  • I feel like destiny has made a mistake in allowing us to be born to different parents. Yet, it made up for the mistake by bringing us together as the best of friends! Happy birthday to you my sis!
  • People celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But I truly believe that there should be a Cousin Sister Day! That way, we can commemorate the presence of an amazing cousin or sister like you in our life. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful cousin in the world whom I treat like a real sister! Thank you for everything, my dear. You certainly made my life so much happier!
  • Regardless of how far we are yet to go with life, our childhood years will always bring us together. Happy birthday to you, my dearest cousin sister. I love you so much!

Best Birthday Wishes for my Dearest Cousins

  • A birthday is just the beginning of another year in that thing they call life. It’s long and sometimes beautiful, other times difficult, but it’s made all the better since I have a cousin like you. I hope that I can bring you that same comfort.
  • My dear cousin, today marks a new chapter in your life. I wish you to stay as optimistic and cheerful as you are now and discover new facets of this world. Happy Birthday!
  • My beloved cousin, we are together since our childhood and I don’t know a more wonderful, kind, and compassionate person. You are a miracle, I’m glad to share this beautiful day with you.
  • We wish you all the best on this day. Smiles and laughter you give us every day are truly a blessing. Happy birthday!
  • Cousins are a little slice of childhood. I’m grateful I had you in my life to love, cherish, and annoy. Happy birthday!
  • What can I wish a wonderful person? I wish you happiness, success, love, and prosperity!
  • Cousin, let your birthday celebration be filled with laughter, smiles, warmth and many other birthdays to come!
  • Dear cousin, blessed the day when you’ve come to this Earth. You made this world a better place to live in. Have a stunning birthday, love you!
  • You are a fantastic cousin, a perfect friend and an awesome companion in my life. Have a fabulous birthday, dear!
  • Happy birthday Dear! You are an inspiration for me. Keep growing!
  • We shared a lot of good times together. Had a lot of fun, I am very glad to have a cousin like you. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear cousin, you are not only my favorite cousin but also my favorite personality. Happy Birthday
  • Best birthday wishes for my cousin! You are a constant source of wonder and joy for us.
  • May you always appreciate lots of happiness and prosperity in your life. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear cousin you are always top-notch in my list of family members. Be always like that, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday! You are more than a cousin for me.
  • We have become so much busy in the daily schedule that if we have not birthdays, we can’t have time to meet each other. Anyhow happy birthday!
  • However, the outside world recognizes you as my cousin but for me, you are my best friend. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday dear cuz! May you have the coolest birthday ever.
  • Warmest wishes for my elegant, wonderful, pious and kind cousin.
  • Do not tell anyone, you are my coolest cousin. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my cousin! You are the pearl of our family. Keep shining always!
  • Dearest Cousin! I wish you years and years of joy, happiness, and bliss. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you a good health as health is a great wealth. Happy Birthday!
  • A Friend is a friend,A brother is a brother;If you want both in one, cousin is in trend. Happy birthday cousin brother!
  • A Friend is a friend, A sister is a sister,  If you want both in one, cousin is in trend. Happy birthday cousin sister!
  • I spend a lot of time with my brothers, I spend quality of time with my best friend. But when I spend time with you my cousin, I forget about the time. Happy birthday cuz!
  • If only I will have the capability to give a gift of heaven, then I absolutely would give it to you so you will be able to live forever. Happy birthday to you my favorite cousin!
  • My dear cousin, I now that today is your birthday, I wish that dreams come true and I would like to let you know that I am grateful for all the success you have achieved in life!
  • Cousin, today is a very special occasion for me is your birthday! May all or sorrows come to an end and all of your dreams come true. May you live healthy and wealthy life.
  • Dear my favorite cousin, hope you live a long life. May all your dreams comes true. I love being your Cousin! Happy Birthday Dear!
  • We are cousins, so that means we are family. But even if we were not, I’d be so thankful to know a person as friendly and loving as you. Happy birthday!
  • On this most special day, I want to tell you one thing that how much you are loved and how blessed I feel to have you apart of my life and family. Happy Birthday cousin!
  • It’s amazing to have an intelligent and magnificent cousin like you. It’s wonderful to have a chance to wish you on your Birthday a lot of happiness, success, health, wealth and fortune in life! 
  • Having a cousin like you is the greatest gift for me. You always inspire me. Have a wonderful birthday and may you live long to inspire more people in your life.
  • I pray for you may this birthday brings another successful year for you. Be growing in this world with peace and sincerity. May there be lovely gifts, a lot of ecstasies and endless pleasure, happy birthday to my cousin.
  • It has been a long time that you didn’t come here. I am coming in your home for your birthday party, happy birthday!
  • Dear cousin, on this special day, I hope you take the time to reflect on how wonderful your life has been. I hope that I can be a part of your future, too. Happy birthday!
  • Having a gorgeous cousin sister like you is a lot of responsibility. I have to convince all my guy friends to stay away from you because all of them have a crush on you. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin sister.
  • I am lucky to have you in my life as a cousin. You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Have a fabulous birthday and a fantastic year ahead of you. Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday Cousin Brother.
  • It’s wonderful to have a smart and superb cousin like you. It’s wonderful to have a chance to wish you on your Birthday a lot of joy, luck, happiness, success, and fortune in life.
  • Today you open a new page in your book of life. Start writing new things by having the joy and breathe to do great things on this wonderful day.
  • What can I hope for such a special cousin on her birthday? I am wishing for lots of happiness, success, health and lots of love in your life.
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Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

  • My favourite cousin, the day you were born was the happiest day in my life. I promise I will pamper you and fill your life only with the happiest memories. Happy Birthday!
  • I am the proudest cousin in the world because I have such a beautiful and sweet little sister. Sparkle and shine on this day and may your birthday be as dazzling as you are.
  • Happy birthday, darling! Wish big, dream big, and always follow your heart!
  • Every birthday is a new page in your book of life. Make sure to fill your pages with generosity, kindness, and love. You should start with generosity, and share that delicious cake with your favourite cousin!
  • You are more adored than you could realize. I hope that on your birthday you receive enough love to last a lifetime cousin. You can start with mine. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for being the kind of person who knows all my flaws, but accepts and loves me anyway. You are more than my cousin. You are my bestie.
  • Family is connected not just by blood but by heart. Even distance and time cannot break apart our bond. I love you cousin and always will no matter what we go through. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • You mean the absolute world to me because you are the type of person who gives so unselfishly. I hope to be even half the person you are one day. Happy birthday!
  • I am convinced I have the best cousin in the world, and I hope the feeling is mutual. From one phenomenal cousin to another I wish you a happy birthday!
  • Regardless of us being cousins, I’m just glad that I know you as a person because you are cool! Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way.
  • A little bird whispered in my ear, it’s your birthday today my favourite cousin, so for you, a poem I will write about how good and smart you are. a blessing I will give to a loving and happy year.
  • May you have a phenomenal day! Happy Birthday, Cousin!
  • We have shared amazing moments and I’m sure that we will continue doing. For have made my life happier always, I’m happy that we are cousins and today I wish you the best. Happy birthday, brother!
  • Having a pretty cousin sister like you is a lot of responsibility. I have to convince all my guy friends to stay away from you because all of them have a crush on you. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin.
  • A cousin like you is one of the best gifts I have received in my entire life. Thank you for being an inspiration. May you have a fantastic birthday celebration and may you continue to inspire more people.
  • To my favourite cousin, having you in my life is certainly a source of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday and May all your wishes come true.
  • Hey cousin, may you have a fun-filled birthday celebration and I wish you more birthdays to come.
  • To my dear cousin, remember that each birthday will mark the end of one year and signifies the beginning of another year. To celebrate the gift of life as well as the opportunity to be with the people you love.
  • Dear cousin, blessed is the day that you were born. Today is the best time to rejoice and celebrate for another year has been added to your life.


Happy Birthday Cousin
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