Happy 7th Birthday Wishes

7th Birthday Wishes and Messages

Since childhood is the foundation of life, it is important that we give our children the best possible start in life and provide them with education, experiences and opportunities to develop their innate abilities. Your words can express genuine love and affection for that amazing human being your child has become. Happy 7th birthday is very special for every child and they love celebrating their birthday with friends and family. How it requires unique and beautiful birthday wishes and greetings to your child know how special she or he is on their special day child enters the 7th year of their life, they begin to develop into a more social and active child, which means there’s lots of planning involved when it comes to arranging parties and play dates. The birthday wishes for a 7 year old is the best collection you can find in the web that your child will surely enjoy and appreciate .We have best collection of 7th birthday wishes of child. You can send your kids, family member or friend a special birthday message with our collection of happy birthday wishes cards.

Birthday wishes for daughter 7th
7th birthday wishes

7th year Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 7th Birthday to the best 7-year-old ever.
  • Snow White told me that the 7 dwarfs are wishing you a happy 7th birthday.
  • The seven wonders of the world are congratulating you on turning seven.
  • Happy 7th birthday! We are all on the seventh heaven from realising how much you have grown up in these 7 years. We are so proud of you. Keep growing and keep rocking!
  • Happy 7th birthday, kiddo. may all your dreams come true and may you get all the time to cherish all the prosperity you receive.
  •  Have a blast!Everyone who is one time a baby will always grow up to be one time an adult. As you are growing up steady. May you grow up to become an admirable adult. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • I hope a lot of positive things will happen in this year, because our little boy keeps growing right and bright. Happy 7th Birthday son. Enjoy your day today.
  • If they are looking for a seven-year-old wonderful kid, to star in Hollywood, I hope they won’t go anywhere else than here, because you are the perfect fit for any role. Happy 7th Birthday kid.
  • You have made indelible marks in every age you clocked, I hope as you clock seven today, you will make greater marks than the previous.
  • You’re such an amazing young lady, may you receive heavenly guidance to be who you are supposed to be. Happy 7th Birthday my little pretty girl.
  • Having all your fellow children out here should be a joyous thing for you; it means you have a lot of good friends that wish you well. Happy 7th Birthday son. Remain blessed.
  • You did what the week couldn’t do. It has 7 days but you have 7 years; you defeated it. Happy Birthday to the strong kid.
  • Greetings from all 7 continents to the youngest 7-year-old in the whole wide world. Cheers to your new age.
  • 7 is odd and you’re special, that’s a great combo. Cheers on clocking 7, dear.
  • One day, you will show the world how great you are at Mathematics. Happy Birthday to the smartest 7-year-old.
  • Say goodbye to 6 and jump to 7. May your new age pave the way for the best video games. With much love.
  • The seven seas are singing “Happy Birthday to you”, that’s for the best 7-year-old ever.
  • Children of your age will really find it hard to believe that something’s could be better than gifts on birthdays, but I hope you’ll find out someday
  • I’m blessed, lucky and excited to be sharing with you this 7th birthday, dear. May all your wishes come true.
  • You don’t know how happy I’m to be a part of your 7th birthday. Enjoy it, little friend.
  • 7 is a prime number, so turning 7 means you’re at the prime of your childhood. So much energy, too excited for the fun about to come.
  • Seven is already a lucky number. You make number 7 even luckier, because we`re so lucky to know you. Happy 7th birthday, sweetie!
  • You are the world`s greatest kid and seven makes you even seven times greater. Happy 7th birthday!
  • When you turn 7 years old , everything gets seven times better and you get seven times more super. Enjoy this year! Happy 7th birthday!
7 year old birthday wishes
birthday wishes for 7th birthday

7th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • My sweet and cute daughter is turning 7 today and it’s the happiest occasion for the entire family, Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart. 
  • We always asked for a cute and sweet angel like you to come into our life and add lots of light. You came and today you are turning 7. I can’t believe that a long time has passed, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 
  • You are the sweetest and cutest girl in the world who has come with all the happiness and joy with her to bless us, Happy Birthday to you, my girl. 
  • Just like a rainbow with 7 colors, your 7 years on earth have been wonderful and beautiful. Here’s to many more years, little girl.
    Seven flowers are kissing the world’s cutest 7-year-old girl.
  • It’s hard to believe that you have turned 7 today. You are like a little doll to us and you always will be a little one to us, Happy Birthday to you.

  • You are the best thing that God has gifted me, Happy Birthday to you, dear.

  • Now, you are a seven years old girl. But you still like a toddler to me and will always, I love you more than everything, Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart

  • Hey dear, your entrance to our life was awesome. We became the proudest parents in the world and still now we count ourselves blessed because of you, Happy Birthday to you.

  • My little cute and sweet angel has turned 7 today, it’s a beautiful day for the entire family. We are so happy to share this with you, Happy Birthday to you, sweety.

  • Seven is a lucky number and you are turning 7 today. We always feel lucky to have you in our life. You are the sweetest and cutest girl in this world, Happy Birthday to you.

  • Seven is a very unique number and it’s the first prime number. I am so blessed and happy to have a wonderful daughter like you who has turned 7 today. I am so blessed and happy for you, dear, Happy Birthday to you.

  • Happy Birthday, pretty baby. You are the coolest girl I have known and I hope you grow up to be an even more awesome person. Have some cake, would ya?

  • Happy Birthday to the best birthday kid I know. You are such an amazing person and I cannot believe that you are 7 already. We are so proud of how you grew up to be. You are such an amazing girl!

  • Do you know what 7 means? It means Super Extraordinary Versatile Epic Ninja. That you, girl! Live up to it! Learn the skills, have fun, be yourself, and never stop being kind.

  • I hope and pray that your wittiness and sense of humor will keep growing at this present rate. I enjoy every bit of time with you. Happy 7th Birthday daughter. Have lots of fun.
  • Have fun as you celebrate this day, may all your wishes come true, happy 7th birthday, remember, you only turn 7 once, so have fun!
  • This is a beautiful day for a beautiful daughter in the family. I hope you will get all the gift you desire in the whole world and from the whole world.
  • Happy 7th Birthday darling, you seem to be having fun, growing strong and making new and fond memories. I hope you never lack a reason to smile. Have a great day!
  • Life without you would never be the same my beautiful 7 year-old, you are a blessing to me and all those around you and you are loved very dearly, never forget that sweetie.

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7th Birthday Wishes for Son and baby boy
  • Wow! It’s been 7 years with my son, surely doesn’t feel that way. Fun times do fly fast. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • I always feel very proud to have such a beautiful and cute son like you who is smart and intelligent enough. On this day, I am sending you all the best wishes and good luck on your way. Have a blessed 7th birthday!
  • Happiest 7th birthday! May you accomplish all your dreams and success in every walks of life
  • Dear son, we are so blessed and happy to have you in our life. Today you have turned 7 and it’s the best occasion to celebrate, Happy Birthday to you. 

  • It’s almost unbelievable to me that you are turning 7 today. It seems like only a couple of months ago, you came into our life, Happy Birthday to you, dear son. 

  • Dear son, I am sending lots of love and blessings on your 7th birthday. You are a wonderful 7 years old gentleman, Happy Birthday to you. 

  • I am sending all the love and good wishes to the most wonderful and handsome gentleman in the world who is turning 7 today. You have added all the happiness and joy to our life. You are a gift from the almighty,

  • I can remember the day when you came to this world. Your mom was the happiest and I was the proudest dad in this world. I feel great when you are with me, Happy Birthday to you, dear son. 

  • Today I am the happiest father in the world because it’s my son’s birth anniversary. You are going to turn 7 today and it’s a huge day for the entire family. We have arranged a party to let you know how much we love you, Happy Birthday to you. 

  • My dear son is the cutest one in the world, Happy 7th Birthday to you. 

  • Happy 7th birthday! Now you’re a 7-year-old superstar and I’m your biggest fan! Valiant, Extraordinary Ninja who’s seven times cooler than everybody else! Happy 7th birthday!

  • There’s something pretty amazing about your 7th birthday: you. Happy birthday, sweetie!At SEVEN, you become a Sensational, Exceptional,

  • Happy 7th birthday! Wishing you a special day that’s seven times better than the best birthday you’ve ever had.

  • It’s your 7th birthday — time for you to be in 7th heaven and have seven times more fun than any other day of year.

  • Want to know my favorite day of the year. It’s your birthday — because you’re my favorite! Happy 7th birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, Son! Make 7 wishes, one for you, one for mom and FIVE for daddy.
  • 7 hours celebrating is better than 7 hours doing homework, right? Happy 7th Birthday, my cool son.
  • Your entrance added lots of happiness to our life. We became the happiest couple in the world. We are still blessed and happy for you, Happy Birthday to you, dear son. 

  • Dear son, I can’t believe you have turned 7 today. It’s a lucky number and you are a lucky guy indeed. I am sending all the good wishes and love to you. 

birthday wishes for 7th year son
Happy 7th birthday son

Happy Birthday Niece Quotes And Images

  • I want to wish my beautiful niece, a very, very happy birthday! I hope you have a blessed and comfortable day! As you get closer and closer to meeting your baby, I pray that The Lord give you peace and lots of joy. I love you so much.
  • Happy 21st birthday to my oldest niece, wow I can’t believe you are 21 already. Where did that time go? I have so many pictures but I was kind and found one of the cutest. I am very proud of what you have become and have been blessed to have seen you growing up. Have a great day.
  • A massive happy 7th birthday to my beautiful niece! May God bless you with wisdom and grow as God fearing child. I love you dearest and miss you a lot. I hope you have a super fantastic day princess and I’ll see you later.
  • Happy 5th birthday to my niece! Words can’t express how much you mean to me! I love the times we spend together rather if it’s just a park day or if we are getting rides. You are such an amazing 5-year-old who is very smart, independent, and very beautiful! I hope you have a good birthday, I love you.
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful niece, your aunt loves you millions baby girl. You are growing up so fast, it’s unbelievable. Hope you have a lovely day and I will see you soon. Big hugs and kisses sweetheart.
  • Happy birthday to my baby niece. This prayer is for you on the occasion of your 7th year birthday. I pray that your little of today will grow into a great light that will shine brighter and brighter.

  • My dear niece, loving you is my responsibility and celebrating you is worthwhile. Here I am sending you all the prayers that will take you through your life as you keep growing up. Happy 7th Birthday to you.

  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful niece in the world. There are many happy birthday niece songs download but I would prefer to sing mine to you. I pray for divine guidance over your life. Happy 7th birthday dear niece.

  • The feeling of seeing you grow into a little girl gets more and more awesome by the day. Happy 7th birthday to my lovely niece. The beauty of your life will never erode.

  • I can’t believe that you are just seven years because you have already set for yourself a pattern to be identified with. I pray for an increase in your wisdom. Happy 7th birthday to you, my lovely niece.

  • My little niece, happy 7th year on earth to you. You are the most beautiful niece I know. I pray that you will always see the help that will push you to greatness. Happy birthday to you.

  • You are the most curious niece in the world, Happy birthday to you, my adorable niece. I pray that your quest for excellence will not be frustrated.

  • My precious little niece, happy birthday to you. I ask that you will always grow ten times better than your peers and colleagues. Happy 7th birthday to you.

  • May everything you need for growth and development be abundantly supplied to your family. Happy 7th birthday to you, darling niece.

  • Your new age will give you the platform to shoot for greatness. You are just beginning the greater part of your life. Enjoy a smooth ride. Happy 7th birthday to my lovely niece.

  • A niece like you bring joy to the heart of parents on special occasions of birthdays like this. Happy 7th birthday to you. May the joy over your life never diminish.

  • Dear niece, I love that your teeth are beginning to get a well-defined set. They sparkle both in the day and at night. On your 7th birthday, I pray that your sparkle more than your teeth. Happy birthday to you.

niece 7th birthday wishess
niece seventh birthday
niece birthday wishes for 7th age
Happy 7th Birthday For Nephew
  • My sweet nephew, I can’t believe you are already 7 years old. It seems it was just yesterday I heard I’m now an aunt. Happy birthday, dear. My prayers and wishes for you today are that God’s blessings overshadow your life.
  • Happy birthday, little nephew. You came as a perfect gift to us, and ever since your birth, our lives have been transformed. May God’s blessings never cease to be evident in your life.
  • God has done you well, my little nephew. It is with great delight that I’m wishing you a very happy 7th birthday today. May God’s promises upon your life come to pass.
  • May the winds always be at your back, may the rain bring you hope and God’s mercies everywhere go before you. Happy 7th birthday nephew.
  • My dearest little nephew, as you turn seven years old today, God shall add to you every wisdom and strength needed to overcome the challenges of your new age. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 7th birthday, nephew. May you continue to soar beyond your equals and beyond every limitation. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • God shall bear you on eagles wings, no harm shall ever come near you, because He knows your name right from the day you were born. Happy 7th birthday, nephew.
  • Seven is a perfect number, hence, God shall perfect all that concerns you this year. You shall never know lack and hunger. I can’t believe you’re 7 years already! Happy birthday, nephew.
  • I’m so delighted to celebrate your 7th birthday today, nephew. Watching you grow is such a pleasant experience. May you continue to be a blessing to everyone around you.
  • Dearest nephew, as you clock 7years old today, not a hair on your head will ever come to harm. God shall continue to guide you in all your ways. Rejoice and be glad forevermore. Happy birthday!
  • You have no idea how happy you make everyone in the family. You’re our point of unity and reference. It’s good to see you exceedingly glad today. Happy birthday, nephew. May your light never burn out.
  • You’re such a happy child, anyone who comes around you don’t take long to affirm this. I’m super grateful you’re turning seven today, in the soundness of mind and spirit Happy birthday, nephew.
  • Happy birthday to my good luck charm. I love you so much, little nephew. May this new year bring you more joy and fun memories.
  • You have the perfect smile, the cutest face, and the most adorable personality. Happy birthday, nephew. Seven is a perfect year to excel.
  • Havens blessed the day you came into our lives. It has been nothing short of exciting around here ever since. Happy 7th birthday, nephew.
  • You brought with you so many good things. I cannot count the number of wonderful things that have been happening in the family but, I sure do hope it will never cease. God bless you more as you turn 7 today. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • The enemy has fought so many lost battles in your life since your birth. Keep being the goodly child that you’re. I love you with perfect love. Happy 7th birthday nephew.
  •  almost forgot it’s my best nephew’s birthday today. Happy 7th birthday, my dear. May the light of God in your life continue to be shed abroad over everything that concerns you.
  • You make my heart so light with your presence. I have never seen any child so blessed as you. Happy 7th birthday, nephew. Always remember that I love you. This year, you shall run, and never be weary.
  • God bless the womb that brought you to us. You are a pleasant addition. May the glory of God upon your life continue to overshadow you. Happy 7th birthday, nephew.
  • Sometimes, I do wonder how a child of just seven could command the kind of attention you do. You’re, without doubt, a divine blessing. Happy birthday, nephew. Keep putting smiles on the faces of the people that love you.
  • Dear nephew, you have added lots of happiness and joy to the family. We are blessed to have a wonderful 7 years old member at home, Happy Birthday to you. 

  • Happy Birthday to the most wonderful nephew in the world who is turning 7 today. We are so happy for you. I know you will get lots of success and happiness in your life. 

  • May you find all the happiness and joy in your life, that’s my wish for your future, Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart. 

  • I have got the most chilling nephew. Your childhood reminds me of my childhood, I love seeing you walking, talking, and doing things, Happy Birthday to you. 

  • It’s a happy day for the family because it’s your 7th birth anniversary, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

  • The greatest kid in the house has turned 7 today and we have thrown a party at home, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

  • We are so happy for you that you came to our life, Happy Birthday to you. 

  • Today, my most wonderful and sweet nephew is turning 7. It’s a beautiful day for us because we are going to celebrate the day with so many fun activities, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

  • Hey sweetheart, today you have turned 7 and it’s just the beginning of your life. You should never look back and just keep going ahead, all the best of your future, Happy Birthday to you. 

  • My most wonderful nephew is turning 7 today, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

  • I am sending all the good wishes and love for you on this wonderful day. Today you are turning 7 and it’s a milestone for your life, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

  • Your parents are the proudest and the happiest in this world, Happy Birthday to you. 

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