Happy 38th Birthday Wishes

Happy 38th Birthday Wishes and Messages

They only turn thirty eight once, so you might as well let them now that you actually remembered and that you wish all the best wishes for them.
However, generic quotations should never be used for cases like this.
When you love someone, you need to at least personalize your messages so they think that you have totally prepared for it and also because it will make them feel more special.
To help you with that, here are some happy 38th birthday wishes that you can try out so you can make them feel all the love that you have for them.

happy birthday 38th

Happy 38th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

  • Everyone says that you should act your age. But, I say you do act your age, that is you do act as an eleven year old for three and eight add up to exactly that. Have a happy 38th birthday.
  • Oh my God! You are still so young. I mean you are still two years short of entering into your forties and isn’t that too young. Happy birthday.
  • Age is just a number and you have truly proved it. For even at thirty eight, you look as young and fresh as ever. Have a happy birthday.
  • It seems only yesterday when we were celebrating your thirty seventh birthday. I still can not believe a year has gone by since. Have a happy birthday.
  • Let everyone say you are thirty eight years old but if you ask me, I believe you are thirty eight years young. Have a youthful birthday.
  • You are like Edward Cullen, stuck in your 17th year for the last 21 years. Have a crazy, fun filled birthday. Happy birthday.
  • I am so glad you are my friend or who would have thrown so many parties in the last thirty eight years and invited me. Happy birthday.
  • Thirty eight years is too less a time to know a person like you. I hope we get to spend many, many more years together. Happy birthday.
  • Twelve more years and you would complete the half century of life. Wishing you a happy and youthful birthday. Happy birthday.
  • Have a great birthday. Hope your thirty eighth birthday is full of fun and life just like you and more. Enjoy your day.
  • Three eight. Really? Damn I could swear you still look like a person on the threshold of twenties. Hope you enjoy your birthday. Happy birthday my dear.
  • It is said each birthday is the start of a new chapter in the book of life. Congratulations on finally starting on your thirty eighth. Hope it is better than the rest. Happy birthday.
  • You don’t look an year older than you did last year when you were thirty seven. I wonder how you have maintained yourself so well. Happy birthday.
  • Its has been thirty eighth years and till now I could never find a gift that was worth a great friend like you. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Lets celebrate your thirty eighth birthday with loads of fun and laughter for this is a special day and we should celebrate it in a special way. Happy birthday.
  • Thirty eight years back the earth received its best gift ever in your form. Every year the celebration is just a reminder of the good luck. Have a great birthday.
  • Lets get mad today. Lets celebrate it like eleven year olds. Cakes, fancy dresses, parties and lets make it complete in every way. Happy thirty eighth birthday.
  • You have reached that golden year after which your hair would start getting silver and fine lines would appear on your face. So enjoy while you still can. Happy thirty eighth birthday.
  • You are a very lucky lad for you have been pampered and blessed each day for the last thirty eight years. Hope this year is filled with even more fun and good wishes.
  • Thirty eight years of experience doesn’t seem to have any effect on you. Have a great and crazy birthday. Happy birthday.
happy 38th birthday wishes
Happy Birthday wishes for 38 birthday

Happy 38th Birthday Wishes And Greetings For Friend

  • Count Your Life By Smiles Not Tears. Count Your Age By Friends Not Years.
    The Secret To Staying Young Is To Live Honestly, Eat Slowly, And Lie About Your Age.
  • So Bring Your Good Times And Your Laughter Too. We’re Gonna Celebrate A Party With You!
  • I Blame You For That Fact That I Forgot Your Birthday Because You Look The Same Age As Last Year!
  • So, You Are Still Younger Than The Age You Will Be On The Next Birthday. Have A Special Celebration!
  • Happy Birthday To The Most Wonderful, Awesome, Beautiful, Outrageously Funny, Courageous And Great Friend You Are
  • Special Friends Are A Rare Find, But Am I Glad That You Are One Of Mine! Happy Birthday To A Friend I’ll Never Forget!
  • You’re Such A Special Friend! It’s A Pleasure To Remember You Anytime, Especially On Your Birthday. Have A Great Day Ahead!
  • Today Is The Beginning Of Something Great: Another Year With You. Our Friendship Is Made Of Gold And It Will Stay Precious For Ever.
  • Happy Birthday To My Dearest Best Friend. May Your Day Be As Beautiful And Amazing As You! I Wish You All The Happiness In The World. I Love You!
  • I Promise That The More Birthday Candles You Blow, The More I Will Be Here For You To Celebrate Every Special Event In Your Life. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Cake On Your Face Daily. Happy Birthday My Dear Friend.
  • You Are Only Young Once, But You Can Be Immature For A Lifetime. Happy Birthday!
  • On Your Special Day, I Wish You A Handsome Bf/Gf And A Night To Remember On Your Birthday.
  • Still, Your Smile Looks Sparkling With The Few Remaining Teeth’s That Are Left. Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday To A Person That Is Charming, Talented And Witty And Reminds Me A Lot Of Myself.
  • Happy Birthday To My Idiot Friend Who Is Still A Kid At Heart. Lots Of Happy Returns Of The Day.
  • I Cannot Imagine How Cute You Would Look With All Those Cake On Your Face. Happy Birthday To You.
  • On Your Special Day Of Birth, We Want To Say Thanks To The Young Man Who Will Always Be Our Baby.
  • We Know We’re Getting Old When The Only Thing We Want For Our Birthday Is Not To Be Reminded Of It.
  • Be Thankful Your Birthday Comes Just Once A Year. Think How Old You Would Be If It Came Every Month.
  • As You Get Older Three Things Happen. The First Is Your Memory Goes, And I Can’t Remember The Other Two. Happy Birthday!
  • You Look Startling Every Time When Your Birthday Cakes Smashed Into Your Face. Hope This Year The Cake Will Be Bigger!! Happy Birthday.
  • Today is your birthday. My blessings I send on the wings of a bird. Not just for today but everyday hereof I think of you always with all of my love. Happy 38th birthday!
  • I wish you a great and wonderful happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day you deserve it. Happy 38th birthday!
  • Now you are 38, time to get used to the idea that 40 is near. So proving your youth have a massive 38th birthday party. Happy 38th birthday!
  • Let’s get drunk It’s your 38th birthday. Happy 38th birthday.
Happy Birthday Wishes brother
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Happy 37th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

  • I wish you all the fun and gifts that comes with birthdays. May your strength never dwindle as you mount on wings in this new age. Happy 37th birthday to you, my brother.
  • Dearest brother, living with you has taught me many things. You have inspired me to do great things. I wish you the peace of God and His full security over you. Happy 37th birthday to you, my brother.
  • Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. If the Lord be for us, who can be against us? Thanks to him for bringing you thus far. Happy 37th birthday to you, dear brother.
  • Happiest birthday to the best brother in the world. I am glad that your birthday is today because I have been looking for another opportunity to celebrate with you. I love you, my brother. Happy 37th birthday to you.
  • Nothing can stop a mind that is determined to succeed. My lovely brother, you are unstoppable. Happy 37th birthday to you. I wish you all the best.
  • Dear brother, there is greatness in your bloodstream. Greatness shall be your rampart and glory shall be your shield. Happy 37th birthday to you, my dear brother.
  • On this day of your birthday, I wish you endless joy and happiness. May your ways be made straight. You are going places, my dear brother. Happy 37th birthday to you.
  • Your birthday is another mark of excellence on you because it shows that you have made a beautiful impact in your life. Happy 37th birthday to you, my dear brother. I wish you more years in abundance.
  • For these number of years, you have shown that you are special and meant for bigger things. You have lived in these last 37 years making an impact and touching lives. Hoping to get more of you. Happy 37th birthday to you, my brother.
  • Your life is a reflection of your personality. Enjoy your 37th birthday, happy birthday my brother. I wish you prosperity and joy all year round.
  • I am glad to see you growing it a full man, my brother. Happy 37th birthday to you. Best wishes.
  • Dearest brother, how beautiful to see you glow with pride and joy today. My wishes for you are long life and durable comfort. Happy 37th birthday to you, my dear brother.
  • My brother, your 37th birthday is here. You are the perfect image for the most handsome brother in the world added to the fact that you are so lovely and reliable. I wish you more years and greater success in this new age. Happy birthday to you.
  • Dearest brother, you bring out the best in me and make me glow with pride. I wish you many years of shining as light. Happy 37th birthday to you. Nothing will be impossible for you.
  • I am wishing you love, life and peace that is beyond what man can give. Cheers to your 37th birthday, my dear brother.
  • On this beautiful day of your 37th birthday, I wish you all you have secretly prayed for and a smooth ride into greatness. Congratulations, my dear brother.
  • Dear brother, everything is good and pure; everything lovely and heartwarming, those are my wishes for you on your 37th birthday. Cheers.

  • My wishes for you are more than a library of books but they encapsulate a good life with comfort and peace all around. Happy 37th birthday to you, dear brother.

  • It is the desire of many people across the globe to ha e brother like yours but they don’t, so I am thankful for having you in my life. I cannot desire a better brother, happy 37th birthday to you. I wish you lots of love and laughter in your new age.
  • May your journey in life lift you to victory over every battle of life. You are a man of honour. Continue to live in peace and increase in faith. Happy 37th birthday to you, dear brother.
  • The past years may have been glorious or challenging; both do not matter right now because you climbing the hill of favour from where God shall bless you beyond what you have ever imagined. I wish you better years ahead. Happy 37th birthday to my loving brother.
  • Dearest brother, happy birthday to you. It’s another year of upliftment for you. I will always cherish and thank God for bringing you into my life. Today on your 37th birthday, I wish you greater joy and success. Happy birthday to my dear brother.
  • I wish you plenteous grace and power to make wealth. Today marks your 37th birthday and the beginning of another journey in life. Cheers to bigger results. Happy birthday to you, my brother.
  • I would always desire that life treats you well while I wish you more fruitfulness as you climb onto your 37th birthday with pride. Happy birthday to my, brother.
  • Happy 37th birthday to my brother. You are like a well-watered garden. I wish you many years of blossoming and blooming. May you be that attractive flower in every organization you find yourself in. Happy 37th birthday to you, my dear brother.
  • Just like an evergreen tree, so shall you always remain active in your time. Happy 37th birthday to you. Congratulations as we countdown to your ultimate 40th birthday.
  • I am super proud to be your sibling; you have that aura of excellence and it is good to always be with you. Happy 37th birthday to you, dear brother. I wish you good health and peaceful life.
  • Dearest brother, on this day of your birthday, I ask that peace like a river, joy that overflows and glory that overshadows are what I wish for you as you mark your 37th birthday. Happy birthday to you, my brother.
  • Dear brother, you are a star in the sky that illuminates without hindrance, you can never be hidden. I wish you more breakthroughs in your life. Happy 37th birthday to my brother.
  • Happy birthday to a wonderful brother, I wish you a perfect life of joy and breakthroughs. Happy 37th birthday to you
birthday wishes for brother
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Happy 38th Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes
  • To an amazing woman and a beautiful sister on her birthday, I wish you all the joy that comes with this day. Happy 38th birthday.
  • As you turn 38 today, I pray that you’ll live long to celebrate many years on earth. I love you more, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday. Happy birthday to you, sister.
  • Growing up with you is one of the best things ever. Best wishes to you on your birthday, sister, and I hope you have a great time today—happy 38th birthday.
  • As you celebrate your birthday today, I hope you know I love you so much, and I’ll always treasure you. Do have a blast on your birthday. Happy birthday to you, sister.
  • Sister, as long as there’s breath in me, I’ll forever cherish the sweet memories of you and me. I hope you have an amazing time on your birthday. Happy 38th birthday.
  • You’re the most loving and generous sister anyone could ever ask for, and as you add another year today, I hope you have the happiest birthday ever. Happy birthday to you.
  • Today, I celebrate you, sister, and I pray that the Lord continue to watch over you. Do have a great time on your birthday, and may all your wishes come true—happy 38th birthday.
  • An amazing birthday to the best chef I know. Here’s a toast to many happy returns of the day, and I hope you have a birthday as special and sweet as you are to me.
  • Through it all, you’ve always got my back. For your birthday, may the good Lord continue to bless you with all the best things in life. Happy birthday to you, sister.
  • On this occasion of your birthday, I hope you enjoy this special day of your life, and here’s a toast to long life and prosperity. Happy 38th birthday.
  • May this day be filled with unforgettable moments as you commemorate this great milestone in life. Happy birthday to you, sister.
  • Sister, as you add another year and begin a new chapter, I pray that the Lord will always go with you today and all the days of your existence. Happy 38th birthday.
  • Heartfelt wishes to an amazing sister on her birthday. You’re the coolest and best sister anyone could ever ask for, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday. I love you so much.
  • From dawn to dusk, may the Lord continue to keep you safe, and as you celebrate your birthday today, I hope you have the best birthday ever. Happy 38th birthday.
  • May this new phase of your life be filled with nothing but beautiful moments and boundless happiness. Happy birthday to you, sister.
  • Sister, may you continue to grow in knowledge and understanding as you celebrate your birthday every year—happy 38th birthday.
  • To the most caring and sweetest sister in the world, a very happy birthday to you. I love you completely and do have a blast on your birthday.
  • In this new dawn of your life, may God bless you with new possibilities, and may every day of this year bring you lots of joy. Happy 38th birthday.
  • Sister, may all your wishes come true as you commemorate your birthday today. I hope you have an exciting time with friends and loved ones on your birthday. Happy birthday to you.
  • May the Almighty God continue to make your life more beautiful with every passing day. I hope you have a splendid birthday. Happy 38th birthday.

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sister birthday wishes
happy birthday 38th
Happy 38th Birthday Husband Wishes and Quotes
  • You’ve been a consistent source of joy and light to me. On this day, I pray that this will never cease. Happy Birthday, baby.
  • You give me a reason each passing day to live, to be better, to be the best version of myself. Thank you for being my husband. Happy Birthday.
  • Our journey hasn’t been the smoothest so far, but through it all, we’ve learnt to hold our hands and keep moving. Cheers to a life of forever ahead of us. Happy Birthday.
  • We’ve had our differences, fights, issues, misunderstandings. But this has never given us a reason to stop loving. You’re the life I never regret choosing. Happy Birthday, husband.
  • Happy 38th Birthday, my partner for life. This is cheers to spending the rest of our lives in bliss and in each other’s arms.
  • It’s your birthday, baby, and you deserve the best time today. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Party hard! Cheers to 38.
  • Your favourite colour, favourite song, favourite meal, favourite movie and all your favourite things are what I love about you. Thank you for being you. Enjoy yourself today, baby. Happy 38th Birthday.
  • Looking into your eyes and seeing love so pure. Holding your hands and feeling secure. Talking with you and feeling better. All these I love about you, and more. You’re a gem. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • It’s your day. Yours and yours alone. Enjoy it to the fullest! Happy 38th Birthday, husband.
  • My promise to you is to keep our fire going. To hold and love you all the way. To make this marriage the best of our lives. Happy birthday. You’re the best!
  • The memories we share are the best of my life. The love we share is what I will never let go of. I deeply appreciate your love for me. Happy happy Birthday.
  • I will celebrate you. I will love you. I will enjoy every single day with you. Happy 38th birthday, and keep being mine.
  • Happy 38th birthday to you, my husband. I pray our home will forever be blessed.
  • We’ve got a whole life ahead of us. This is a cheer to a new age and a bank of experiences for us to enjoy. Happy 38th Birthday, my darling husband.
  • Watching you get older comes with mixed feelings. I find joy in the fact that we will grow old together. Together for life. Happy Birthday, baby.
  • You’ve never given me a reason to doubt your love for me. And I never will give you a reason to doubt the love we share. Happy 38th Birthday, my love.
  • Celebrating your birthdays are my favourite thing. It is a day to truly appreciate you, and all that you do. Happy birthday, King.
  • I wish the whole world could get to experience how amazing you are. But, I guess that’s left for me to enjoy. You’re truly the most amazing husband. Happy 38th birthday to you.
  • Getting to know you have been so thrilling this far. Cheers to spending the rest of our lives getting to know each other more. Happy Birthday, hubby.
  • I’ve seen you put your life down countless times for me and the children, and I’m convinced there’s no better choice for me than you. I’m forever glad I said yes. Happy 38th Birthday. I love you so much.
  • I awake every day and appreciate the beauty that is you. I live life every day appreciating you, and more. This is cheers to more to come. Happy 38th birthday, my love.

  • Thank you for being the best teacher for our children, and an image to look up to when they need guidance. Thank you for being the best. Happy Birthday, baby.
  • I pray you remain blessed beyond what you imagine. That you increase in all things, and you find joy in everything and never lose that smile. Happy Birthday to you, mine
  • A king, warrior, champion, leader, lover, father, a man who is all and more to me and his family. Happy Birthday, babe.
Husband Birthday Wishes
Best 38thof Birthday Wishes for Wife
  • Without today, my life will never be as beautiful as it is, for today is the day you came to be. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • The biggest secret of my success is that I have you by my side, loving me and calming my fears. Happy birthday, darling.
  • You give me fewer reasons to worry myself. You are a perfect example to our children and the world. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Surely, when I think of you, I see not just a wife, but a strengthener, a leader and a partner-in-success. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Today is the day a lover, a lifter, a helper, a sister and a beautiful one was born. And I rejoice because we are one. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • Whatever people say about you can’t affect the awesome way in which I see you because I’ve known you firsthand. Happy birthday.
  • One step at a time and sometimes half or double steps, and now I am privileged to spend my life with the most beautiful person on Earth. Happy birthday, love.
  • There has never been a woman who affected my life as good and beautiful as you did. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
  • I may have made mistakes — a lot of them — in my life, but one thing I did perfectly was getting married to you. Happy birthday, love.
  • I believe I am far from perfection, but I find comfort in knowing that you and I are a — in fact, the — perfect team. Happy birthday.
  • Change may be unstoppable, but one thing that’ll never pass away is the strength of my love for you. Happy birthday, dearie.
  • What I wish you get on this great day is a “times hundred” of the beautiful things you’ve added to our family. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Once upon a time, it was said that “the beautiful ones are not yet born.” Then you were born and changed the game. Happy birthday, love.
  • If there’s one place I will want to take you to today, it’s beyond the stars, just so I could see the glow in your eyes. I love you. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, darling. Never forget that my love for you cannot be reduced by situations, people and circumstances. I love you.
  • Every time you are to be celebrated, I feel like I’m walking high above the ground. I’m proud of you, baby. Happy birthday.

  • Do you remember when we first met? I told you that you were the most beautiful person in the world. That’s still who you are. Happy birthday, love,

  • Your large heart and loving nature are some of your few beautiful traits that deserve to be celebrated. Happy birthday, love.
  • The last day you proved to me that you love me was yesterday, and before then, it was two days ago. You’re a true lover. Happy birthday, love.
  • Why do I love you above every other person on Earth? It’s because you’re most deserving of love. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • If I wasn’t a jealous man, I’d let the whole world share you with me and love you well, became you’re most deserving of love. But I hope I’m enough for you. Happy birthday.
  • When I met you for the first time, if I was given a chance to guess your name from what I saw, I’d swear your name was “Queen.” Happy birthday.
  • You made your father and brothers royalty, and now, being with you, I feel like a king. Happy birthday my one and only.
  • Heaven is not a place that’s high by thousands and millions of feet above us. It’s your presence. Happy birthday, sweet dear one.
  • Joy, bliss and gladness have followed me relentlessly since the day you came into my life, and I’m grateful. Happy birthday, love
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