Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes

22nd Happy Birthday Greetings

22nd birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes: Birthday wishes are sweet little messages you send to the person you love with lots of love. Birthday messages go a long way in building a bond that will forever give the birthday person, at the particular time, nostalgic moments. Birthdays are ever so colorful and thoughtful, no matter the age or manner of celebration. A 22 year old newbie will want to have a spectacular time with their friends and all those they love around them.

Each age is a blessing and as a special person in that beautiful person’s life, it is important to remind them of how much you love and care for them. Pick one of these messages to give that special someone an unforgettable 22nd birthday.

happy 22nd birthday
22nd birthday wishes

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • Congratulations on repeating the same number. Condolences on turning a normal age.
  • Your angry face makes it impossible to believe that you’re 22. You’re surely 42.
  • As you’re 22, may your life partner show up as soon as possible.
  • Congratulations on shining for 22 years. Keep shining forever. 
  • As you’re turning 22, my your life open 22 doors of happiness and close 22 doors of sadness.
  • At 22, I wish you get rid of the outdated thoughts and clean your mind. Happy Birthday!
  • Living for 22 years is a great success, so wishing you the unlimited success.
  • Being 22 doesn’t mean that you will celebrate for 22 hours. You get tired after a two-hour-celebration.
  • May the color of your smile never fade, as people start losing smiles at 22.
  • Happy Birthday to the person who has 22 tons of positivity and productivity.
  • Don’t worry about getting old except if you lost one tooth. As your smile is still shiny, it’s okay.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday! May all who mean something to you be by your side today and every day.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday! 22 years is very important. After all, now there are no more loopholes, no more excuses: you are an adult, and you need to act like one. So, on this birthday, I can only wish you good luck and a lot of strength.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday! We live, learn, love, smile, and sometimes life hits us hard, but still, we try to survive, your life has been exemplary—happy 22nd birthday, dear. I love you so.
  • As much as you are beginning a more serious new step in your life, keep dreaming and believing in yourself. Happy 22nd birthday, enjoy the moment!
  • At 22 years old, we can fight for what we always wanted, enjoy this anniversary and go in search of our dreams. You still have time! Happy 22nd Birthday!!
  • You are so special to me, and words cannot describe how much you mean to me in this world, nothing can take your place. Happy Birthday, love. May the blessed remains in your years.
  • It is normal for young people to panic as they age; it’s called fear of the unknown. Don’t stop when I get there and keep working hard, and then you will conquer the unknown—happy 22nd birthday.
  • May this day bring you so much happiness that fills the whole year, you are a blessing and I love the fact that I get to celebrate your 22nd with you, to many more my love!
  • Life is beautiful. It’s a blessing to keep up with all that wonderful things in life. May your new age bring you amazing memories. Happy 22nd Birthday sister, Stay calm and enjoy your day.
  • My happiest thoughts, dreams, and best memories are your portion. You have come a long way to 22nd. May God keep blessing you and may he give you all you desire. Happy Birthday sis, 22-year-old!
  • Just at 22, you are already the best in all you do. What a blessing for life. I am thankful for your existence. Happy 22nd Birthday sister. Enjoy your day.
  • From zero years old, you grew to 18, and now you are 22. Good things have trailed you right from inception, and you shall experience more fortune in the coming years
Birthday Wishes for friend 22nd

22nd Birthday Wishes For Friend

  • Happy 22nd Birthday. You are a special and lovable person.
  • We have been friends since childhood, and today you are 22. How amazing! Happy Birthday 22 years.
  • “We live, we learn, we love, we smile, and sometimes, life hits us hard but still we try to survive, your life has been an exemplary one. Happy 22nd Birthday dear. Love you so much.
  • Time flies, the sun rises and sets, people come and go but today is your day. Happy 22nd birthday to you!
  • You are so special to me and words cannot describe how much you mean to me in this world, nothing can take your place. Happy 22nd Birthday my first and only love. Stay blessed.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday buddy. I hope today will be the most important to you.
  • There is never a better time to be happy than today. It’s your favorite day. Have fun dear. Happy 22nd birthday!
  • Cellphones can be irritating. You must pay phone bills, charge the battery, messages get delayed etc. the only reason I haven’t thrown mine away is because it connects us on your birthday. Happy 22nd Birthday.
  • It’s your special day. Let’s celebrate, have some fun and party together. Happy Birthday, 22-year-old!
  • You have been a great influence in my life. You are not just special, you are an angel. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Pal today, you are magnificent as a tree planted by the riverbed, with leaves evergreen and bark glowing, branches spread broad touching the river, and roots so firm and unmoved. Happy 22nd Birthday boy.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday girl. As you have seen this day, I pray you grow old to celebrate more birthdays.
  • I felt there is no better way of expressing my true feelings on your 22nd birthday than to write it in a text; it feels like I just won a treasure hunt.
  • Happy Birthday, to the celebrant of the day, living for 22 years on this complicated planet is not an easy feat.
  • Knowing I have you as my friend makes me smile every day. Happy Birthday my dear friend.
  • Happy 22nd birthday to you. We are so glad for your latest achievement, and we wish you all the best in this world.
  • We have been through thick and thin together; here I am celebrating your 22nd birthday like it’s mine, I cherish moments such as today’s. I wish you the happiest birthday.
  • Make the best use of your 22nd birthday because you will never have the opportunity of celebrating another until your next life so has fun in its fullest.
  • We will surely have an exciting time today; it is your 22nd birthday, so we will have an overnight party, loud music and fun unlimited.
  • If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If all wishes come true, I wish to stay as a close friend to you forever.
  • I know you know they all love you, they all look up to you and they are all proud of you. Call them today and share your 22nd piece of cake with them. I love you.
  • As I checked my calendar today, I discovered that it is your birthday. There is no greater joy I could feel than seeing you become 22 years old.
  • I am blessed because I get to see you turn 22, I can’t believe how fast the years have passed, but I can believe you turned out to be one of the best people I know of. Cheers
birthday wishes for friend
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Happy 22nd Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

  • Happy 22nd birthday, my sweet brother. The way you live your life amazes me. I’m grateful for each day with you, as it comes. Thank you for being the most respectful and responsible brother ever. This will be your best year yet. I love you.
  • You’re the best brother in the world, and there have been no regrets about having you as my brother. You’re cool, calm and collected. You’re so brilliant that, you know something about everything. You’re an amazing person, and here’s wishing you the best for this new year. Happy 22nd birthday to you.
  • I can never let you go, for you are the only one I hold dearest, you have given me a second chance at life, a new breathe that I hope to share with you as you venture into 22!
  • May the stars shine bright for you, may you never lack and may you always have lady luck. I love you my 22 year old brother!
  • I hope to share forever with you, for without you there is no forever, you are all I look up to and someday, I hope to be like you, if not better than you! Happy Birthday Bro.
  • You are my ultimate person, the one who pushes me to be the best version of myself and as you turn 22 I promise to be the best in your eyes, for you matter! Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Fill the day with fulfilled promises, with new hope and with a bright future, have fun and remember you are only 22 once for 355 days!
  • It’s your 22nd birthday today, brother. You deserve all the love and gifts I will be showering on you, today. I’m so blessed to have you as my only brother.
  • Thank you for always making this family proud. Trust me, you mean a lot to us, and we’re going to have your back, forever. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • I don’t care what anyone has to say, all I know is that I have the best brother in the world. You have no idea how much you make me happy, whenever you come home with your results. You’re the most brilliant person ever, and I’m proud of you because you know what you’re doing. Happy 22nd birthday to you. Enjoy.
  • There’s nothing I can’t do for you, dear brother. You’re my all in all. I promised our parents that I was going to take good care of you, before their demise. I will not stop doing this unless you demand I stop. Keep making me proud, my brother. Happy 22nd birthday to you. Have fun.
  • There’s no other place I love to be than in your presence. Whenever I am with you, I’m reminded that I have to keep working hard, so you don’t have to beg anyone for anything. I promise to keep taking good care of you. Happy 22nd birthday, my brother. I love you much.
  • We both know that you’re the most stubborn brother ever. It’s just that I have no choice but to keep managing all your craziness. But to be honest, though, you’re a very nice boy. I always enjoy my company with you. Thank you for always making me happy. I wish you a happy and amazing 22nd birthday
  • The sun is shining brighter, the weather is calm, and the birds are singing. Oops! It’s your birthday.
  • If I had a dollar for every time you made me smile, I would be a billionaire, I love you to the moon and back, Happy 22nd my love!
  • On your birthday today, I pray to God to give you more wisdom and guidance to become the person you desire to be
  • You have come this far, and your life will not be short lived. Experience rapid increase, goodwill, kindness and love from life and everyone you come across.
  • You have not only been there for me, but you have proven to be the most royal friend I have. I cherish you a lot, may your 22nd birthday bring you good things!
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Top 22 Birthday Wishes For Sister
  • You are the best sister in the entire world, and I don’t care if anyone has a contrary opinion. You’ve always seen through my stubbornness and you keep supporting me in every way you can. There’s no doubt that I’m going to do well because I have you behind me. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • I honestly don’t know how best to celebrate an amazing sister like you. You’re so responsible and kind. You don’t go about fighting or defaming this family. Thank you for all you do to make us proud. I hope that you have a birthday as sweet as you are. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • Even though your lists can be so long, and your demands very high, I can’t love you lesser than I already do. You’re literally the sweetest sister ever. I’m grateful to God for the opportunity of being your sister. On your 22nd birthday, I want you to have as much fun as you can. Happy birthday.
  • Life hasn’t been really easy, but with you in my life, I have always been hopeful for better days. You have no idea how happy you make me feel; that’s just one of the reasons I will never be too far away from you. Happy 22nd birthday, my sister. You rock!
  • I actually have no idea of the best way to appreciate a sister like you. Despite how demanding and stubborn I can be, you still deem it fit to love me as you do. I love you right back, and I hope you know that. Make sure you go out with your friends today. Don’t worry, all bills on me.
  • I have never had a regret about having you as my sister. In fact, you’re the best part of my life. You’re my biggest and greatest motivation. You’re the reason I want to keep pushing, so I can have better days. Thank you for being these and even much more. Happy 22nd birthday to you.
  • Everyone always thinks they have the best sibling until they meet you. That’s when the store changes. My sister, you are light. You make me see clearly even in darkness. I can’t overemphasize your value in my life. You’re simply the best, and I thank God for you. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • You have no idea how badly I want your birthday to happen every day, so I can keep celebrating you for the rest of my life. I thank God for giving me the needed resources to give you a good life. Thank you for always making me proud, too. Here’s to a year full of God’s love for you. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • We are the best sisters in the world, and we’ve always made a great team. I know you’re just 22, but I can’t wait to have you as my business partner, because you’ve always had a thing for business, and it seems the best you’re good at. Cheers to the good life, sister. Happy 22nd birthday to you.
  • I have never seen a smarter sister than you. I mean, you have the brain of a 35-year-old. You are very calculative and wise. No wonder people always think you’re the older one. Well, enough of taking my shine. I’m a smart woman too. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • I can’t possibly begin to mention how much you’ve made me proud in this life. Every single day, I kneel and thank God for giving me the best sister. No matter how much we fight, your focus is always on doing well in your academics. You’re the best. Happy 22nd birthday to you.
  • Well, it’s official. I have the best sister in the world, and no one can drag this fact with me. The fact that you always remain calm during an argument, is a sign that you’re a good person. I have no doubts that you will be a good wife and mother. I will be here to make every moment of your life worth it. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • As small as you are, you always find a way to support me, no matter how little. I wonder where you got your sense of responsibility from. You’re just the best, in every way. Today, I’m thanking God for giving me the best of all sisters. Happy 22nd birthday to you. Enjoy your day.
  • Believe me, I have no idea how to make your day a memorable one because this is something only you are good at. Well, I wish I could do what’s on my mind, right now. In the meantime, I just wanted to wish you a happy 22nd birthday. I love you so much, my beautiful sister.
  • Dear sister, only God knows how much you’ve done for me. Sometimes, I don’t even want to believe that you’re 22. I mean, where do you gather all these strengths from? You’re a legend in the making, trust me. I see all your efforts and I appreciate them all. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • The fact that I have the best sister in the world, is enough reason to make heaven. Never allow anyone to make you feel less of yourself because you’re a queen. If the world doesn’t know your worth, I do, and I appreciate it. I hope you keep being focused, though. Happy 22nd birthday, sis.
  • I have always known that you would make me proud, but I never thought it would be to this extent. You make it seem so effortless. Trust me, I have never made our parents proud as you make me. I am grateful for all these years with you. I can’t wait to enjoy it more. Happy 22nd birthday.
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Happy 22nd Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes
  • It feels so great to see how much you’ve grown. Dear son, you’ve really grown in every aspect, and I’m very proud to call you my son. In all you do, I hope you don’t stop being a great person. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

  • My life took a whole new turn when I had you. Believe me when I say things weren’t so easy before I had you. I keep thanking God every day for the blessing He’s brought into my life through you. As you start a new year, I hope you’re blessed with fresh ideas. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • Dear son, it’s your 22nd birthday and as a proud mom, I’m still confused as to what to gift you. You have been a very rare gift to me and the world at large. It’s an honour to be a mom to an outstanding guy like you. Here’s wishing you the best. Happy birthday to you.

  • No one knows whatever it is I am going through, except you. You understand my every mood, and that’s one of the things that make me love you so much. Thank you for filling my life with so much positivity. I love you, son. Do have a happy birthday.
  • It’s your 22nd birthday and the start of a brand new year. I’m thankful for how far you’ve come. I’m thankful for being your mom, and I’m also thankful because you will do much more this year. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

  • No one else understands me as you do; not even your dad. You’re such an amazing young man and the dream of every parent. Today, I want to appreciate you for filling my life with so much joy and happiness. I love and am proud of you. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • No one else has a son as wonderful as you. You’re the best son ever. You have no idea how much I thank God for giving you to me. It’s your 22nd birthday, son. I really hope you make it more than your expectations. I love and will always be there for you. Happy birthday.

  • You’re the dream of every parent, trust me. With you, no one needs to bother about what the world thinks. You make me feel and look my best, even without trying. Thank you for being a great son and tolerating all my excesses. I love you so much. Happy 22nd birthday to you.
  • My little boy of yesterday is all grown up now. You’ve been such a wonderful boyfriend since we had you. And no matter how old your think you are, you will always be my little boy. Happy 22nd birthday, son. Make sure you have the fun you deserve. I love you.
  • The love between us has grown from that of just a mom and her son into what I can’t even explain. Do you know what I’m most thankful for? It’s you, my son. And I will continue to be thankful because you are a blessing. Happy 22nd birthday my handsome son.

  • It is such a wonderful thing to see how great you’ve turned out. Trust me, I never knew you had this much energy in you. You’ve been working so hard to get yourself to the top. My dear, I will keep celebrating your wins; whether small or big. Happy 22nd birthday to you.
  • No one will understand exactly how I feel today; not even a mom like me. I feel over the world because I’m very happy it’s your 22nd birthday. I can’t even believe I have a 22-year-old son. How great?! You will continue to be my dearest baby boy, no matter how much you’ve grown. Happy birthday.
  • I’m very sure it’s going to be an amazing year because I can see you’re much prepared for it. You’re great at everything, and that’s one thing I will never overlook about you. Thank you for being a blessing. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • There’s no more happy 22nd birthday in advance, the day is finally here. We’re so happy to welcome you into this great year. You’ve been such an amazing son to us, and we’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved so far. We hope that you keep winning back to back, even as you press on. Happy 22nd birthday.
  • You’re now taller than I am, even though I’m your father. I’m glad you keep following my footsteps, no matter how inconvenient or hard they seem. I bet you will go far in life if you continue like this. I hope that you do better than me. Happy 22nd birthday, my boy.

  • In the whole of this world, you’re the closest person to me. Even though you’re just 22 and you still haven’t experienced certain things in life, I always trust your judgement because you’re the wisest 22 year old ever. Happy 22nd birthday, son.
  • You have really grown; to the extent that I don’t want to believe I have been feeding you for 22years. I’m very happy to have a responsible and smart 22 year old. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful moments you’ve brought me. Happy 22nd birthday. I wish you the best.
  • I will never find it difficult to love or support you because you’re a very wonderful son. You’re also a wonderful person to everyone that’s met you. Thank you for making the world a better place in your little way. You rock, son. Do have a great one.

  • I can’t even tell you how boring it always is whenever you’re not around. I have now concluded that you’re the one who makes my life lovely. In everything I do, I don’t ever want to lose you, son. Happy 22nd birthday to you. I love you with all my heart.
  • There’s something about motherhood I still don’t understand. I’m sure, with time, I will. I’m thankful to God for giving me my blessing. The last 22 years have been the best of my life. I hope the coming years are even sweeter and more enjoyable. Happy 22nd birthday, son.
22nd birthday wishes for son
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son birthday 22nd
Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • Daughter, I could write a book about the things that characterize you. It would be titled, “The definition of living life in full” because you are so selfless and kind. You have grown to become an amazing human being. I am grateful for giving me 22 years of joy. Happy birthday!
  • My beautiful daughter! Today, on your 22nd birthday, I am wishing you the best years of your life. You are a woman now. May your wings get you to the heights of success, and may my good wishes pave the way for you. Always remember that I love you no matter what. Good Luck!
  • I couldn’t ask for anything else but to be your father for all of these years. You have grown into a beautiful young woman that fills my life with wonder, happiness, and peace. God bless you on this day and all the days to come. You are the light of my life! Happy 22nd birthday!
  • Happy birthday to you, daughter. You are an inspiration and an epitome of hard work, tenacity, love and patience. I thank God for blessing us with such a great daughter. May your wishes come true today!
  • I’m blessed to have you in my life as my friend and daughter. I treasure each day with you! You light up my life and have made this journey so much easier. I love you more than you will ever know! Happy 22nd birthday!
  • You have grown from an innocent little girl into an amazing woman. I’m proud of you for your strength, commitment, bravery, patience and love that you showed me now and every day since you were born. I must say that you have taught me the value of patience as I waited each evening to tuck you into bed. Through the years of waiting during your academic endeavours, your achievements brought us much joy and happiness. You are a blessing to me. I cannot thank the Lord enough. Happy birthday, dear.
  • My daughter, when I look at you, I see all the joys and accomplishments of my life. This relationship is full of love and happiness. Thank you so much for being my daughter. Happy 22nd birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter! I can’t express my gratitude in words for the love, companionship, patience, kindness, assistance, encouragement and all the support you have given me. I really appreciate your unconditional love. You are the best daughter a father could ever have. I am proud of you! HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!
  • You have just completed 22 years of being my daughter. I want to wish you a happy birthday and success for all that you accomplish in life. THANK YOU for being my daughter! Oh, you’ll be getting old soon. I hope when you turn old, you’ll always remember your father who loved you so much.
  • Ever since I gave birth to you 22 years ago, I have been in awe of all that you are. You have grown up to become a woman of substance who lives life to the fullest. Your voice is heard, your talent can’t be stopped, and wisdom has been bestowed on you abundantly. You are my greatest accomplishment, and I am so blessed that God chose me to be your father! Happy birthday!
  • Happy 22nd birthday to my lovely daughter. Today, I wish you all good things, nothing but the best and everything of the best in life! You deserve all the good things in life, and I pray God grants you His good graces. Enjoy your day together with your friends!
  • I just wanted to say thank you for the last 22 years and for your unconditional love and support. I need 22 more to make it even! Happy birthday, honey!
  • My dear daughter, your tender touch gives me joy like nothing else. You have been a blessing in my life since you were born. I can hardly believe you are turning 22 in a couple of days’ time! We have come a long way together. On this special day, I wish you all the happiness on this planet and beyond!
  • Hi! My dearest daughter, I wish you a wonderful life ahead. I hope your hard work, tenacity and perseverance not only help you sail through life’s troubles but also contribute to making our family proud. Happy 22nd birthday!

  • Daughter, life goes by so quickly and you’re ageing much too fast. You are now the mother of a growing family and have achieved so much. I am grateful for all the sacrifices that you’ve made but most of all, I am so proud of you! Enjoy this special day because you deserve it. Happy 22nd birthday!

  • My dear daughter, I hope all your wishes come true today. I’m grateful for being able to birth such a wonderful person like you. You have made me proud with all that you have achieved within the years spent together. I wish you and your husband a comfortable life ahead with lots of love and happiness.
  • To the love of my life, I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You have been a great daughter and set a great example for others. My greatest fear in life is when I leave this world, I never get the opportunity to let you know how grateful I am for everything that has been done. Happy birthday! May God bless you abundantly!
  • Happy birthday, my sweet daughter! I think about you every time you go on that trip. You have been a wonderful daughter. I am proud of you and all that you accomplish in life. I love you!At 22, you have grown into a beautiful young lady. You have worked hard to achieve what you have got in your life and this has been possible because of the imprints of values that we have planted in your mind from an early age. May all your dreams come true! Happy birthday
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