Happy 10th Birthday Wishes

Happy 10 Birthday Wishes

Our collection of birthday wishes is the best way to help your child celebrate their big day! Whether you’re planning an amazing party or looking for a special gift, we have just what you need. From inspiring quotes and humorous verse to touching stories of friendship and uplifting wishes of happiness, these 10th birthday, Ten years is a big deal, especially if you’ve been driving since you were barely old enough to see over the wheel! We’ve got the best 10th birthday wishes to help your child celebrate this milestone as they drive across town in their very own Big Red School Bus.

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Sweet Birthday Messages for 10 years old

  • Wow. You are ten years old now. You are getting old too quick. Stop it. Just kidding. Happy Birthday.
  • Today is not just any day, as much as it is important to you, it is much more important to us, because we believe so much in you. Happy 10th Birthday kid.
  • Your kind of boy is really different, a boy of your age should desire ice cream and all of that, but you seem to be different and I love it. Happy 10th Birthday.
  • Happy 10th Birthday dear, I am so happy to see you growing up. I can’t believe I share this day with you. I wish you the very best sweetie.
  • You are now 10, how fast you’ve grow up, I am here if you ever need me, just remember you are a special kid, and the favor is your, just believe in yourself.
  • Happy 10th Birthday! You are finally into your double digits kiddo. We have something special planned for you as you are getting old! Just kidding.
  • We want you to know that we love you as we are going to have an incredible party and going to have an awesome fun time.
  • I guess you are too young to have big dreams, but whenever you start having them, I hope all of them will come true. Happy 10th birthday good boy.
  • Even though I am older than you and more experience I definitely consider you as a close friend. Enjoy your 10th birthday dear.
  • Happy 10th Birthday princess, may your hair grow longer, may your smile grow brighter and may all your wishes come true as you blow out those candles.
  • You are a darling and the fact that I am here on your 10th birthday means that you will surely grow older than your toothless granny. Have a joyous occasion with your friends and family dear.
  • Your 10th birthday will definitely be better than any other because you now know what birthdays are all about. Celebrate life and enjoy each second of the day dearest sweetie.
  • You make me the happiest and the luckiest person in the world because you are definitely the most awesome 10 year old I know. Have fun on your birthday my dear. I love you so much darling.
  • Happy 10th birthday to this calm and pretty thing, young and gorgeous. May this age be the first of many decades you will witness in the land of the living. Enjoy your special birthday.
  • Having a special 10 year old like you is a blessing to me; I get to share in each and every moment that means the world to you. Happy Birthday dear!!
  • My ten fingers are waving at the boy/girl who is turning ten. Love you!
  • You have completed TEN years, this should be declared in the newspapers. Have fun, sweetie!
  • Turning 10 is a great milestone. Enjoy every second of this day.
  • This is your first double digit age. Everything you wish for shall come in double fold. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • You are the bravest, sweetest, most kind-hearted 10-year-old I know, and I hope you grow with such traits. Love you!
  • You’re the youngest 10-year-old. You’re like one in a gazillion people, that’s really special. Enjoy this special day of yours.
  • Wow, you’re 10 already! This is not an easy achievement. If anyone is destined for greatness, it’s gotta be you. Cheers!
  • My ten fingers are waving at the boy/girl who is turning ten. Love you!
  • You have completed TEN years, this should be declared in the newspapers. Have fun, sweetie!
  • Turning 10 is a great milestone. Enjoy every second of this day.
  • This is your first double digit age. Everything you wish for shall come in double fold. Happy Birthday, Dear

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Birthday Wishes For Daughter 3
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Sweet 10th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Daughter

  • As parents, we are so delighted to see you happy, your joy and happiness is what gladdens our heart. Happy 10th birthday gorgeous daughter. Have lots of fun.
  • Happy 10th Birthday beautiful, 10 years ago, you were a toddler and 10 years from now you’ll be a young adult. I can’t help but express my awe at how big you’ve grown. Have fun!
  • It’s your 10th birthday daughter; I hope you have a plan to celebrate this new age. May it come with great gifts and sweet wishes. Have a great birthday dear!
  • Have a hearty 10th birthday full of cake, sweets and lots of fun. May you grow healthier, heartier and more jovial.
  • May your 10th birthday be full of blessing, love and cheer, may you get loads of presents and may everyone you love be around you.
  • You are a great addition in my life and I wish you all the best as you turn a new age; you are dear to me, happy 10th birthday dear. May this day make you happy.
  • You are such a strong youngster that will lead you into one of the greatest individuals ever. Maybe that is dramatic but we don’t care because we believe in you.
  • There is a joy that erupts from the heart of every parent when they see that they are raising a great kid. I’m excited to feel this joy as well. Happy 10th birthday my daughter.
  • This date is blessed because the sweetest girl was born on this date a decade ago ,I wish you always be surrounded by the people who only bring lots of love to your heart.
  • 10 years ago on this day, an angel came to color my life with love and happiness. My little girl, happy birthday! I want you to be very happy and healthy not only today but always. Love you very much!
  • Congratulations on 10 years of life, adorable daughter! You’ve been an incredible kid and I’m so proud of you. I promise I’ll be with you in all good and bad times. May God always bless your path and give you the strength to overcome any situation!

  • Happy 10th birthday, the owner of a heart of gold! You are growing up every day but for me, you’ll always be my little girl. No matter what comes, as long as I’m alive, I’ll always be close to your heart. I adore you, baby, and will always support you.

  • Happy Birthday, Daughter! Have a day full of laughter.
  • There is a reason for this celebration; my daughter has completed one more year of her life. WOW!
  • Can I tell you a secret on your special day? Everything is worthless without you. I can’t live one day without my precious diamond.
  • Happy Birthday to the school’s cutest student, and the world’s best daughter.
  • Let’s remember again the day you came into our life to touch our hearts. You’ve grown up to touch our pride; we are always proud of you. Happy Birthday, Princess!
  • A great birthday to the girl that brightens my life every moment I live.
  • Happy Birthday to my daughter whom I love immensely, even if she’s a troublemaker.
  • A sweet smile, a simple word, an innocent look. This’s my beautiful little girl. Best wishes, honey!
  • Happy Birthday to the angel that God has given to me. You are my blessing.
  • May you continue being successful and do your best. Remember, we will always be here for you.
  • Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I love to see you grow up in front of my eyes.
  • Hey, baby girl. Happy Birthday! You didn’t think we would forget this day, did you? Never. Let’s celebrate!
  • Wishing my princess a great day full of candles blown out and chocolate in the tummy.
  • When you were young, you used to cry for the littlest things, and your glare was amazing. A fabulous birthday to you, little crybaby.
  • May your success make you proud and your failures make you humble and kind. All my prayers for you.
  • May your dreams come true and may your birthday be full of joy and excitement.
  • This is going to be an awesome celebration as we have everything planned out for our little princess. Don’t forget this day as everyone will be there for you!
  • Ever since you were brought into this family, things have been wildly fun. I couldn’t thank you enough for something like that. Happy Birthday, baby girl!
  • Happy Birthday to my daughter – who is like a sister in my desperate times.
  • I look forward to this day as it’s the day a diamond was brought to us. Happy Birthday, little diamond!
  • Wishing good luck to a good daughter on her good day.
  • Happy Birthday, dear daughter! May you triumph in all your dealings as you always do.
  • I love it when you get worried about me. Today, you have nothing to worry about. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.
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Sweet 10th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Son

  • Happy Birthday to my little candle that lights up my way to the future.
  • From a little naughty boy to a handsome man. Happy Birthday to the best son ever!
  • A sweet birthday to the sweetest little hero in the world. I love you.
  • I’ve been waiting you for many years, so my love for you is unbelievable. Have an incredible birthday.
  • When you were born, there was a sense of eternal relief that rained down on me. You’re an amazing son.
  • Who could ever be so funny and stubborn at the same time except my boy. Your life is beautiful to watch. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Son, it’s another celebration with you; this is surely a blessing. Do you know how wonderful it’s to see you grow up fast?
  • Happy Birthday to my dear son, who has a big heart that never shrinks.
  • Seeing a kid running and playing with their parents reminds me of our sweet memories together. Have a splendid birthday and enjoy.
  • Happy Birthday to our handsome son. Don’t ever forget that I’m always proud of you.
  • If we did a lot for you, you did more for us. You are the best gift to us, son. Happy Birthday!
  • When you were young, your big dream was flying to the sky. Can you tell me what’s your big dream now?
  • Happy Birthday, my lovely boy! Now, smile and enjoy.
  • Wishing fantastic days to you, my little child.
  • Another year passes; I’m happy to see you grow in front of my eyes. Enjoy today, honey.
  • My friends always talk about your success. Happy Birthday to my wonderful son!
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who is the reason behind my smile every morning. Don’t look around; I’m talking about you, son.
  • Can you save my message? One day, you will need to read it again and again to know how much I love you. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! The day you came into my life is the most wonderful day ever.
  • I’m the parent of the most wonderful son in the world. You are true and honest, and I hope you grow older with those traits. My sincerest wishes.
  • The only one I ask God to be better than me is you. You’re my precious boy.
  • My son, take heed to my words: the life you wanna have is at your fingertips, so never relent in trying, and keep taking actions towards it, but don’t forget to have fun.
  • All parents pray for their children to grow up fast that they sometimes forget to live like they should. I’m glad you’re growing fast, and I’m living fine too.
  • I live for only one purpose – for you and for making a good guy from you. Happy Birthday to you, baby!
  • Sending my best wishes to my cool boy; anyone with eyes can tell that you will be among the best.
  • Happy Birthday to the world’s best son, from the world’s luckiest parent.
  • My son, you came to this life for a reason; try to know it and work hard for it.
  • Today, I raise a glass to the birthday of the most important man in my life, my precious son.
  • Happy Birthday to a son whose bright mind makes him a very special son.
  • My son is turning [Number]!! WOW! You finally did it. Get ready to be the future man.
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Your life is not far from being perfect, and I’m sure you will do it.
  • Happy 10th birthday my baby boy! I love you more than I can say and hope you have a wonderful birthday
  • You’re growing up so fast! Have a great 10th birthday my sweet angel
  • To the worlds most amazing boy, have a very happy 10th birthday
  • If I try really hard can I stop you from getting any older? I just want to freeze you as you are – mommy’s perfect boy. Happy birthday!
  • Sending you 10 birthday kisses for your turning 10 today. Enjoy all the fun!
  • For 10 years you’ve been the light of my life and I know you will be for many more to come. Have a truly awesome 10th birthday
  • I have 10 special years of amazing memories and I can’t wait for so many more. Happy 10th birthday my darling
  • I couldn’t be prouder of you as you turn 10 today. You are a wonderful son who means everything to his mom. Happy birthday
  • I feel blessed to have such a son like you. You are my world and I love you beyond measure. Have a great 10th birthday
  • Mommy’s boy is growing up! 10 today, as soon as you know it you’ll be an adult going off into the world. Until then I’ll just have to enjoy every second with you. Happy birthday my special guy
  • As you turn 10 we send you our biggest birthday wishes and hugs
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will forever stay our little mischief maker. Happy birthday son
  • You have made our lives complete, son. We love you more than anything. Happy 10th birthday
  • We are the proudest parents there could be. You make us feel so lucky to have a son as wonderful as you. Happy birthday to our 10 year old superstar!
  • You have been a blessing and joy like no other. Happy 10th birthday son
  • Happy 10th birthday to the greatest son in the whole universe. You’re our world!
  • You bring joy and happiness to our lives son. Happy birthday and enjoy turning 10
  • We are happy because you are happy on your 10th birthday. Enjoy all the fuss today son
  • Have a great day son, one filled with lots of and joy. Happy 10th birthday
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Happy 10th Birthday Nephew Wishes, Messages and Quotes

  • The tradition of sending profound birthday wishes will never run out of style. Especially because it’s an effective way to show celebrants how much we care.
  • Now it’s your nephew’s 10th birthday? Don’t sweat it, dear aunts and uncles. I’ve composed the most heartwarming and beautiful birthday wishes for your nephew.
  • You can decide to make these wishes into a card so that it’d serve as a relic in the next decades of their life.
  • Moreover, you’d find this happy 10th birthday nephew wishes in various forms, including wishes, prayers,
  • Thank you for giving me the most outstanding 10 years of my life. Happy 10th birthday, dear nephew. I wish you wisdom, growth, health and happiness.

  • You’ve been the best and I hope that you continually be good, happy, loving and healthy. Happy 10th birthday, dear nephew. Many more happy years shall you see.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a cake today or not, because we’ve got many good wishes for you stemming from the deep of our hearts. Happy 10th birthday, sweet boy. May your new age fulfil your dreams and desires. I love you, nephew.

  • Ask that which you desire, because I asked that the angels make your wishes true. Happy 10th birthday, sweet nephew. May your new age bring you joy, blissful experiences and prosperity.

  • All your life, you’ve been a good son and nephew. Therefore, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity, growth and grace, joy and peace. Enjoy your day, my love.

  • The smile on your face lights up my world. So, I wish that the angels keep your smile and make your heart as truly happy as it can be. Happy 10th birthday, my angel.

  • It’s your birth anniversary, sweet nephew. Happy birthday to you. May you have all that you wish for and may you continually grow in the company and warmth of your family. I love you.

  • Don’t worry about a thing cause it’s your birthday today. Happy birth anniversary, angel. May this 10th year be the best so far, my love.

  • No wonder the sun is shining brighter while the night was extremely starry. It’s your birthday, my love. Happy birthday, dear nephew. Your birth anniversary will continually make us happy. May you never regret your birth into our world. I love you.

  • Birthday prayers have no rival, dear nephew; life has to be amazing for you. So, I pray on your birth anniversary that every good and perfect gift flow to you. Happy 10th birthday, sweet nephew. I love you truly.

  • See the 5 ways you can become the best aunt/uncle to your nephew.

  • Wishes aren’t enough so I pray that you live long in good health and gaiety. Happy 10th birth anniversary, my love. May all your needs be met.

  • My wishes for you are coming true because I’ve turned them into prayers. May your new age be blessed, may you find your path with ease and may everything work in your favour. Happy 10th birthday, sweetie.

  • The most beautiful thing about this week is you. Happy birthday, sweetie. I wish you joy unending, peace unfathomable, and prosperity without boundaries. I love you.

  •  You’re a gift I could never thank the Lord enough for. Happy 10th birthday, dear nephew. Many delightful and prosperous years shall you see.

  • I’m telling you that your future is bright and colourful. Happy birthday, angel. As you live your 10th year on earth, may everything good and kind flow to you.

  • May you grow from strength to strength, grace to grace and glory to glory. Happy 10th birthday, my prince. Enjoy your new age.

  • Happy birthday, sweetie. Always remember that you were born to win. I pray happiness and prosperity for you, baby.

  • Don’t fret about tomorrow because I’ve prayed fervently that the good Lord settles your needs and surround you with the love of families, friends and strangers. Happy 10th birthday, sweetie.

  • Today is your day, so hear my prayers for you; may you live long in good health and the company of your family and friends. I love you.

  • Nothing else matters today but you. Happy 10th birthday angel. I wish you nothing but joy and grace. I love you, sweet nephew.

  • At night I sent heartfelt prayers to the heavens saying the Lord guide and protect you, the angels bring in your blessings while humans treat you kindly. Happy 10th birthday, my nephew.

  • Nothing gladdens my heart today more than your birth anniversary. Glad you’re growing older. I wish you wisdom to live a happy and prosperous life, sweetie.

  • It’s 10 ‘o clock. Happy 10th birthday, my darling. It promises to be your best year yet. I also wish you all that you need to thrive and shine. May help continuously locate you, my love.

  • As you turn 10 today, may you live to see many more beautiful decades, decorated with love and grace. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you nothing but joy.

  • Happy birthday to the most intelligent 10yr old on the planet. I wish you joy, peace and clarity. I can’t wait to see you, deary.

  • You’ve always had this shine upon you and on your birthday, you shine brighter than the sun. As you turn 10 today, may you find happiness and joy in every aspect of your life.

  • It’s your day, my darling. But for me, every day is for you. Happy 10th birth anniversary, sweetie. I wish you good health, joy and prosperity.

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Happy Birthday niece 1

Happy Birthday Wishes for 10 Year Old Niece

  • You are such a wonderful niece, and we are so proud of you. May your 10th birthday be a celebration of all the wonderful things to come.
  • May your 10th year be a time of fun and learning, and may all your dreams come true. We hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with friends and family!
  • Your 10th year is such an important milestone, and we are so proud to be able to celebrate it with you. May your day be as special as you are, and may it bring you everything that makes you happy.
  • We are so excited to celebrate your 10th birthday with you! May this year be a time of growth and change, and may all your dreams come true.
  • Happy 10th birthday, dear niece! It’s hard to believe you are already 10 years old! Time has flown by, and we can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you. May your year be filled with joy, love, and everything good in the world.
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful niece! I hope that you have an amazing day filled with lots of fun and laughter. May your day be as wonderful as you are, and may it bring you everything that makes today so special.
  • We wish you have the best 10th birthday ever, and that this year brings lots of good things into your life. Happy birthday!
  • We are so excited to celebrate your 10th birthday with you! It has been so much fun watching you grow and change over the years, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.
  • May your day be as special as you are, and may it bring you everything that makes you happy. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • May this year be a time of growth and change, and may all your dreams come true. We hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by the people you love most. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to our sweet niece! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful girl in our lives, and we want to celebrate your 10th birthday in style. May you be showered with love and good friends.
  • You are such a wonderful niece, and we hope your 10th birthday is as special as you are! We love you very much and wish you have a day that is as wonderful as you are.
  • Happy birthday, dear niece! It’s hard to believe that you are already 10 years old! May your birthday be filled with love and joy, and may this year bring you all the happiness in the world!
  • We are so excited to celebrate your 10th birthday with you! We hope that today brings lots of fun and laughter and that the coming year is filled with good things. We love you very much, dear niece, and wish you a happy birthday.
  • “If anyone wants to give everything beautiful in the world to a ten-year-old girl, I know one who deserves it — my sweet niece. The same one that my wishes of joy and peace forever are for. Having her in your day will make it brighter, I promise. Happy birthday to you, my lovely niece.”
  • If I don’t wish that you get all the lollipops you need, that won’t be cool, but I also wish you enjoy all the beautiful things you crave for. Happy tenth birthday to you, baby.
  • May your birthday get happier every time you remember that it’s your birthday, and may you grow into a sweeter, stronger girl. Happy tenth birthday to you, my sweet niece.
  • Won’t it be beautiful to hear that your growth is coming with more joy? That’s what I wish for. Happy tenth birthday to you, my lovely niece.
  • I wish you’ll never forget that your little hands can hold big things and I wish you enjoy your next ten years more. Happy birthday to the best niece ever.
  • May every activity you participate in at this age bring results that will remind you that you’re special. Happy birthday to you, my lovely niece.
  • I see your little ten-year-old hands and I wish that one day they’ll be able to hold whatever they want. Happy birthday to you, niece.
  • After seeing you spend ten years in this city, one of my wishes for you is that you get to see all the world one day. Happy birthday to my lovely little niece.
  • May this intelligent ten-year-old girl grow up showing the world that she is greatness in human form. Happy birthday to you, dear niece.
  • Soon you’ll learn some things about the world that are disappointing, but my wish is that they’ll only help to bring out the queen in you! Happy birthday to the best niece in the world.
  • I wish the world will remain a beautiful place for you, even when the things you don’t wish for comes to you. Happy birthday to the best ten-year-old niece ever!


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