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Happy belated birthday

A birthday is a special occasion for the celebrant. It only comes once a year and during this day you can show how you care about your loved one. Belated birthday wishes can be an awkward thing to do, the best way to wish someone a belated birthday is honestly and from the heart. Even if the person is a bit hurt, they’ll understand. That being said, people often wonder what the best way is to apologize for a belated birthday and mention why you couldn’t make it. It’s not too late to apologize for forgetting their birthday and make up for it by sending them a fabulous birthday wish. New Birthday Wishes is a platform that gives best belated birthday wishes and different collection about birthday you’ll find all the latest and best belated birthday wishes, along with great tips and ideas for your birthday celebration.

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Best belated Birthday Wishes

  • I’m sorry that this greeting is coming to you a little delayed. I really can’t explain how it happened, but I want you to know that I really am so very sorry.
  • Even though this greeting may be a bit late, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less heartfelt.
  • Next year, I’ll make sure to wish you well a day earlier just to be on the safe side! Happy belated birthday!
  • I’m sorry for missing your special day, it completely slipped my mind. I hope you had the amazing birthday you deserved all the same!
  • happy belated birthday to you! i hope it was the best day and a much needed relaxing time! i am so thankful for you and all of your big help, for always making me laugh, for being interested in learning about some of my new favorite things that are oh so weird, and just being overall the coolest person ever! you mean a lot to me and i am glad we’ve done life together. can’t wait to celebrate again soon !
  • Happy Little-Bit-Late Birthday! Sorry I forgot, but I wanted to send you belated birthday wishes all the same!
  • Wishing you a belated happy birthday, pal! Sorry I missed the big day, but thought I’d extend your birthday a little longer.
  • A belated happy birthday to you. May all the good things that life has to offer always find their way to your doorstep (hopefully quicker than this card!)
  • Despite my wishes being a little late, you know they are straight from the bottom of my heart. I wish you success in all your endeavors. Happy belated birthday, my friend.
  • It’s never too late to wish a wonderful friend like you happy birthday. May your life be full of peace, joy, happiness and success. Happy belated birthday friend.
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Belated Birthday Messages

  • I’m really sorry that I missed your birthday this time. But I promise to make it for you up next year. I hope you had a great birthday!
  • I could have come up with a thousand excuses, but I just decided to plead guilty. Tell me how you’d like to be compensated! Happy late birthday!
  • A friend that wishes a happy birthday on time is not a friend at all. Happy belated birthday! Be thankful for having a friend like me!
  • The biggest surprise is always last one. Not wishing you on time was totally intentional. I just wanted to give you a surprited Birthday. Happy belated birthday!
  • I always try to find different ways to impress people. This time, I tried to be late on wishing a happy birthday. I’m sure you’re impressed!
  • Belated Happy Birthday. I am so sorry that I forgot. Best wishes for the coming year.
  • Happy belated birthday my love. May all your wishes come true!
  • Wishing happy birthday on-time is just too mainstream. So, I decided to be a little late. I hope you had a great birthday!
  • Even though this greeting has come to you a bit late, but it is full of love, positivity and good wishes. Belated happy birthday!
  • Hope you had a really good time. I can’t believe I forgot about this special occasion. Happy birthday!
  • You need to look older than last year before you expect me to wish you a happy birthday. How else am I supposed to know it’s your birthday?
  • I am so sorry I missed wishing on your Birthday. I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest. Happy Belated birthday
  • Another year has passed and, once again, I’m late in wishing you a happy birthday. I’ve always thought this was a problem of mine, but now I’m starting to consider that perhaps it’s your problem. You simply chose a forgetful day to be born on!From now on, I’m the one who will be forgiving you for such a bad choice of date. I still hope you had loads of fun on your birthday!
  • May life always smile upon you and may you be blessed with peace, happiness, and love. I may be a little late, but my wishes for you are sincere.
  • A very happy birthday to you, my dear friend! I’m not late in wishing you a happy birthday, I’m just super early for next year! I hope you had a fantastic birthday just gone, and that the next one will be even better!
  • I’m sorry this message is coming to you late, but I’m sending my most sincere belated happy birthday wishes to you from the very bottom of my heart!
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Friend Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I know you must have been waiting all day to see a message from me appear, and I’m sorry that I missed your special day. But you know what they say, my friend; save the best ‘till last! Happy birthday to you!
  • I know I’m a little late to greet you on your birthday this year, but that doesn’t mean my wishes are any less sincere. 
  • I hope you had a great one, and I’m sending my most heartfelt belated birthday wishes to you today, my friend.
  • While everyone else was only wishing you well and thinking of you yesterday, here I am still thinking of you today! You’re lucky to have a great friend like me in your life! Happy belated birthday to you!

  • So, I missed your special day and birthday celebrations, but you know what’s even better than the party itself? The after-party that follows! I promise I’ll make it up to you with the best post-birthday celebrations possible, my friend! Happy belated birthday to you! I’m sorry that I missed your birthday, but I think it’s pretty impressive that I remembered it this soon after!
  • Happy belated birthday from your notoriously forgetful friend! I was trying to come up with a reason or some excuse for why I didn’t wish you a happy birthday the other day, but the truth is I simply forgot. After all, you know what they say honesty is the best policy! I’m so sorry, I thought your birthday was today!
  • It looks like you’re going to be enjoying two cakes this year instead of just one!I’m not one for holding onto things, but if you recall my last birthday you were late in wishing me well, so…I’m just returning the favour! Happy belated birthday!

  • I know I’m a little late in wishing you a happy birthday this year, but know that these belated wishes are sincere and have more meaning than ever. I hope you had a really great day, my friend.
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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes In Different Languages

if you wish someone a belated birthday in differrent language it will definately works to get over the anger of the specific person it will make the situation a bit lightly. here are some of different languages birthday wishes

Belated Happy Birthday In French

The French express their belated birthday wishes by saying ‘Joyeux anniversaire avec un peu de retard’.

Belated Happy Birthday In Chinese

The way to wish someone a belated happy birthday in Chinese is ‘请接受我迟到的生日祝福’.

Belated Happy Birthday In Italian

In Italian, to wish someone a belated birthday you say ‘Auguri in ritardo’.

Belated Happy Birthday In turkish

The word use for turkish happy birthday are “Geçmiş doğum günün kutlu olsun”

Belated Happy Birthday In japanese

in japanese you can say “遅ればせながら誕生日おめでとう”

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