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Happy Birthday In Advance – Wishes, Messages, Quotes and mages For Loved Ones

 The best thing about wishing someone a birthday is that it makes you feel special. It means that you will be remembered, and that you both matter to each other. If you want to give your loved ones the best gift possible this year, then of course it’s going to be a card or an email. But if you want something more personal and meaningful, then consider sending them a birthday wish before the big day hits! This way, they’ll know how important they’re becoming to you, long before everyone else does We have collected some of the best-looking birthday Wishcards that one could easily send to their loved ones. Send them from our website and let them know how much you care about them. It will also make their day special for sure. Birthday wishes have an obvious effect on a person’s life. Wishing in advance and pouring birthday wishes at that exact time, won’t just make you feel good, but will also show them how much you love them. They will know that they mean the world to you.

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

  • It’s not your birthday yet, but you are special enough to deserve a wish in advance! Advance Happy Birthday, friend! Sending my warm hugs as a birthday present!
  • I don’t have the most beautiful gift for you, but I have the truest love for you. You’re always in my heart. HBD in advance!
  • Can not take any chance with my memory, sending you an early birthday wish this year. Happy Advance Birthday, dear.
  • Let me just remind you that the day you blessed us all with your arrival is just a few hours away to come. I can’t help greeting you a happy birthday in advance!
  • I may be late at so many things in life, but I can’t afford to be late at wishing you a happy birthday! Have a blast my dear!
  • Being an early wisher is better than being late, so Happy Birthday in advance!
  • The excitement of your birthday is not letting me sleep at night. It’s still a few hours to go but I really can’t resist myself to wish you a very happy birthday!
  • I’d rather wish you a happy birthday in advance than be late by a few minutes past 12 o’clock. My heartiest congratulations to you for turning [age].
  • The only time I’m punctual in life is when I wish you a happy birthday. This year, it’s not going to be any different. Happy birthday in Advance!
  • You are so special to us that it’s just not enough to wish you for a day only. Take my heartiest love and good wishes for the special day!
  • Others maybe always on time to greet you a happy birthday, but for me on time is not an option. I’m always ahead of others when it comes to your birthday! HBD in advance!
  • Happy Birthday in advance! May the next few days be the epitome of happiness for you!
  • Advance Happy Birthday to you! You deserve to feel special every day!
  • Not a narcissist, but I am the biggest cheerleader of my own. Happy birthday in advance to me. I cannot wait to grow one year wiser.
  • Wishing myself happy birthday in advance! Here is to become wiser and more mature. I love my birthday.
  • The celebration of your birthday starts two days before the date and ends two days after the date. That’s how special you are to us! happy Birthday!
  • Dear friend, your special day is a few days ahead, but remember that you are special to us every day! Happy Birthday in advance! You are a gem to us!
  • Having a friend like you is the biggest blessing of my life! My buddy, I can barely contain my excitement for your birthday, so Advance Happy Birthday!
  • To my best friend, I might not be present there to celebrate your special day with you, but I will be there in spirits! Happy Birthday to you in advance!
  • Friend, Happy Birthday in advance! I hope my early wish brings a smile to your face because your happiness means the world to me!
  • It’s not just you’re growing old every year, it’s also about me growing old with my best buddy in life. Happy birthday to you in advance!
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Pre Birthday Wishes For Wife

  • My love, you are the reason for my joy and the reliever of my worries. Thank you for being born and being in my life. Happy Birthday to you in advance!
  • Darling, I would celebrate your birthday all year long if I could, but as that’s not possible, allow me to wish you the happiest birthday in advance!
  • Happy birthday in advance my love! I owe you all the good memories and happy moments of my life. I love you!
  • Baby, you are the most incredible and kind woman I have seen in my life. It’s an honour to share my life with you! Happy Birthday in advance!
  • Love, wish you could see yourself through my eyes and find out just how unique and special you are! Happy Birthday in advance, my soulmate.
  • Your birthday may not be today, but still sending tons of happiness your way.
  • Happy Birthday in advance! Wishing you infinite joy and love ahead!
  • Even though your birthday is months away, I have already started feeling the vibes of your birthday. Lovely advance happy birthday wishes dear!
  • I Just want to wish you a happy birthday in advance so that I will not be able to forget your birth date, Happy birthday in advance
  • I won’t be able to add stars to your birthday celebration. That’s why I am sending the best birthday wishes in advance to my loveliest niece. May your future turn out to be as bright as the sun.
  • I may not be attending for your birthday, but I want you to remember all the memories we have spent together.
  • I always come first in everything so how can I forget to wish for a special person like you? Happy birthday in advance dear.
  • I Just want to wish you a happy birthday in advance so that I will not be able to forget your birth date, Happy birthday in advance.
  • Here are tons of hugs and kisses for your birthday, even before it’s here.
  • Sending you an advance Happy Birthday wish with lots of love and best wishes.
  • It’s so sad that I will miss your 18th birthday but All my love and blessings will be with you till eternity. I know one greeting is not sufficient enough, anyways happy early birthday!
  • I know I forget your birthday all the time, but this time I am ready with my weapon called Advanced happy birthday.
  • As you know that I crave to do something super-special and unforgettable, I am sending the cutest happy birthday wishes to you wrapped in unconditional love and bliss. Happy birthday in advance dear!
  • Your birthday is still days ahead of us, but I am already celebrating it.
birthday wishes for wife

Happy Birthday Wishes in Advance for My Husband

  • Just when I needed time to fly swiftly like the blowing wind; it’s taking its fine time by crawling like a snail! Something fantastically special is in the offing: your birthday, my darling! I can’t wait to celebrate you, my sweet love. Happy birthday to you in advance, my husband.
  • Every day is a gift. No one is entitled to life: being alive is a privilege. Your birthday is an extraordinary gift worthy of celebration, Honey. Without you, my life is practically colourless! You are my Sunshine and rainbow! I love you to the moon and back! Happy birthday in addy to the world’s best husband in the world.
  • I’ll never stop playing my favourite ringing tone of ” I love you, boo” to you. Loving you is one pleasure life keeps on expanding. You are an amazing husband! Happy birthday in advance, my crown. You rock!
  • Something awesome is going down in a few days! I can’t keep quiet, Honeypie! Celebrating you with a bang is a pleasure I can’t wait to unleash! You are the best, sweetie! Happy birthday in addy to you, my treasure!
  • Your birthday is still a few days away, but I can’t wait to celebrate you, my love. I feel like announcing it with a trumpet, but your aversion to attention is keeping a lid on my bubbling excitement. Still, I can’t wait to celebrate you with a bang. You are a rare gem, my quiet giant. Happy birthday, in advance!
  • Your birthday is a week away, I know. I can’t help but prep up for it! Let’s paint the town red, blue, yellow, green…and all shades of awesome celebration. You are the only celebrity that has my undying devotion. I’m crazy about you, husband. Happy birthday in addy to you, my Sunshine.
  • You can’t stop me! The coolest party of the century is going down in the neighborhood soon. It’s going to be a blast, be prepared! It’s your special day, Honey. We are going to have fun. Watch out! Happy birthday in advance, my husband.
  • Your birthday is but hours away; need we wait on the dot of the hour to start the celebration? Nope! I’m too excited to wait! Let the celebrations start from this minute: it’s the king of my heart’s birthday! Happy birthday in addy to you, my crown.
  • Ruling king of my heart; waiting till the Dday to celebrate you, is a crime of love. Some decades ago, my heart’s delight was brought into the world. I’m so glad God brought you into the world, to bless my heart. Happy birthday in advance, my loving husband.
  • I love you, my darling husband. You are my Pride and Joy. Everything about you pleases me, just about every time. Your birthday is around the corner already, make a wish and expect the miracle. An angel is on hand to make it happen. Happy birthday in addy to you, my love.
  • I can hardly wait for your birthday to make a wish for you, my gem. My wish and prayer is that God will fulfill all your dearest desires and satisfy you with good things, this new year. May the dawn of the day, ushers in testimonies and explosive blessings, just for you. Happy birthday in advance, my dearest husband.
  • As the number one person in your life; the one closest to your heart; it’s my due to beat Facebook, your banks, and other early bird well-wishers, to wishing you an awesome birthday celebration ever.
    So, here’s wishing the reigning king of my heart, an amazing birthday ever, in advance! Love you, husband!
  • What’s life without love? What’s love but my darling husband? Angel of my soul, your birthday is fast approaching. May each day before the day, comes with awesome blessings; may the day itself be an explosion of joy, while ushering in a season of endless testimonies. Congratulations, in addy, my guy!
  • I can forget the most important thing in life, but there isn’t a thing about you, I can ever forget or skip. Everything about you is ingrained in every cell in my body, dearest husband. Your birthday is always so special that I find it impossible to wait for it to celebrate you, handsome. Happy birthday in addy to you, my love. May your joy no know bounds, henceforth.
  • I always come first: in your heart, considerations, vital decisions, affections, and practically everything in your life. I also love to be the very first; to wish you a happy birthday, shower you with prayers and gifts. You deserve this and more, Husby. Happy birthday in addy to you, my darling.
  • The countdown is on already, sweetie. It’s just but some days to your birthday. I wish you the very best life has to offer you, and more! May the Lord prosper your ways and cause His face to shine upon you, my love. Happy birthday to you, in advance.
  • To the special man in my life, hours before your special day; I wish you a happy birthday in advance. May the odds continue to favour you in all situation. Count on having a swell time, my darling husband. It’s going to be a blast.
  • I was going to wait till the wee hours of the morning to wish you the happiest day ever; but, I can’t. I’m so over excited that I’ve got to spill it. Happy birthday in advance, my Prince. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I adore you!
  • Tomorrow is too far! Suddenly, the arm of the clock has gone on vacation, as time seems to be dragging ever so slowly! Well, before tomorrow comes, I do wish you, my Pumpkin, the best birthday celebration ever, in advance. Love you loads, sweetie!
  • Happy birthday in addy to you, my husband. May the Lord open the door of heaven’s abundance and shower you with blessings. Have fun, dearie!
  • This is a year of stupendous surprises; let me be the first to surprise you with a birthday wish and gift, darling. Your special day is almost here, already. Happy birthday in advance to you, my dearest husband. May your joy be full to overflowing.
  • Hugs and kisses, blessings and favour, gifts and merriment; all these and more, from me to you even before your birthday dawns. Happy birthday in addy to you, my husband. May you receive grace to be outstanding in your endeavours this season.
  • The race is on, my baby! The children can’t wait to shower you with surprises, hugs and kisses; but I have the advantage of place- right here with you before they awake. Your birthday is but some minutes away: may your blessings, joy and expectations always arrive early. Happy birthday, darling. You are the best!
  • It’s my intention to beat all your early bird well-wishers’ reminders and notifications, this year. Birthday arrived early, just for you, my darling! Happy birthday in advance, Honey Pie. May you enjoy God’s extravagant grace this season. Love you loads, my Prince.

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